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June 2, 2009
By ashley crowe BRONZE, Scotts Mills, Oregon
ashley crowe BRONZE, Scotts Mills, Oregon
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You walk down your drive way just off your porch and you lay your eyes on the big gray sky. The gigantic fir trees that are swaying in the wind frighten you. You smell the rain coming; as the first drop falls you turn to run to your covered porch. (It’s like a little room with big wide windows). You see the lighting and hear the huge cracks of thunder. The lighting lights up the sky. Your house’s lights flashing on and off. You reach to light one of you big candles, your lights go off. You are sitting in the dark in tell the lighting flashes. You light the candle and you are know holding it close to your face. It makes your whole face turn a low orange. You jump back when the screen down flies open with a bang!

You almost dropped the candle when the lights in your house come on again. You go to close the screen door and the rain is whirling around you. You finally managed to close the door. You run in the house and go hide in your closet. You hear trees breaking, your dogs are going wild in the garage, you see the lighting through the little crack in the closet and you hear thunder.
You close your eyes and wait to everything to be still. Soon you fall asleep, you awake sometime later.

You slowly come out of the closet and go to the porch.
You are surprised that everything is silent. The sky is blue; the wind is gently blowing the grass around. You see many fallen trees. Your roofing came off and you porch windows are cracked. You are feeling like something shocked you. Like when you were little you would get all hyper when you saw candy. You feel like the storm gave you its own energy.

You start to clean up your yard. You get really bored and walk to the beach. (That is right behind you house.) You walk up to where the tide comes in and you stand there and watch the waves come and go. While you are standing there you are thinking about how crazy the storm was. The sun is finally setting and you think that is the most beautiful color you ever saw. It’s orange, yellow and pink and has blue clouds. You go and get your camera and you start to take pictures of the sun setting. Soon it gets too dark to see. So you get the big lights and set them up on the beach so you can take pictures of the beach at the dark.

You are very proud of your pictures. You send them too national geographic. You wait for them to reply to your pictures. The days come and go. Soon you forget you even sent them. Its winter 2009 early November. You go to check the mail and you take out a letter that says: “national geographic” on it and you open it up. It says they want more of your pictures and that you are very famous.

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