Escape convicts

June 2, 2009
By jordan josh BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
jordan josh BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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The sound of the siren was heard from over the wall of Oregon State prison. Loud, rich and extremely annoying. Gun shots ripped through the air at 5:00pm chasing two escaping convicts. The two convicts were cell mates. The convicts’ names were Jordan Josh and Kevin Wilks. They were both serving life terms. Jordan for aiding and betting and armed robbery. Kevin for theft, murder, hit and run, and attempted assassination on the president. The two convicts have planned this escape for three months and knew that it would not fail. Jordan and Kevin used their free time to work out so that they could climb the fence quickly. The two convicts were very athletic and buff. It is 5:07pm and the convicts are halfway up the fence. A security guard spots them a few minutes after they broke out of their cells. As the security guard fires at the convicts they scurry up the fence and are now inside Salem.

“Stop those convicts from getting any further” the warden exclaimed.

“The convicts are hi-jacking a 1967 black Shelby GT500” a security guard said.

The convicts pushed the pedal to the medal. They were in down town Salem in less then 5 minutes.

“We need some sort of disguise” Kevin said.

“Great idea, lets go to that place on the corner” Jordan said.
“Uh Jordan, that’s called Target” Kevin exclaimed.
“Whatever” Jordan said.
“Cant we get a discount there?” Jordan asked.
“Why do you say that?” Kevin asked.
“Doesn’t your mom work there?” Jordan asked.
“As a matter of fact she does and I think she is working right now” Kevin said.
“Target it is” Jordan said.

The convicts parked their car in the parking lot and booked it inside of Target. Wearing jumpsuits around would be way to suspicious so they got new jeans, shirts, socks, shoes, and a hat to look like normal civilians. The two convicts have now got what they came for and walked out of the store unsuspected. They were now free. The police found out the names of the 2 convicts and posted up wanted signs everywhere, they were even on the news. The convicts got back in their car and looked for a place to lay low for a couple of days so that their heat would die down.

“Look over there, there is a Holiday Inn hotel” Kevin said.

“Lets go check it out and see if they have any available rooms” Jordan said.

“But where are we going to get the money?” Kevin said.

“We’ll rob a store with a Magic Highlighter” Jordan said.

“Genius, your stupid Jordan” Kevin said.

“What I saw it in a movie called Bandits once” Jordan exclaimed.

The convicts went to Zumiez and robbed it easily because it was closed and the security guy forgot to lock it up. The convicts didn’t even need the stupid highlighter. They went back to Holiday Inn and asked for a room.

“We would like to stay in a room for about a week because we are on vacation” Kevin said.

“All we have left are luxury suites” the clerk said.

“We’ll take one of those” Kevin said.

“Here is your room key and have a great time” the clerk said.

The convicts made their way to their room on the fifth floor and when they got there they stopped in astonishment.

“What a room” Jordan said.

“I know” Kevin said.

The convicts settled inside their room and then Kevin said they are missing something but didn’t know what. He spent all night thinking of what they were missing and then suddenly he had figured out what they are missing.

“Cell phones!” Kevin said.
“What about them?” Jordan asked.
“That’s what we’re missing” Kevin said.
“Ah, I see” Jordan said.
“We’ll go to Verizon Wireless tomorrow” Jordan said.
“Ok” Kevin said.
The next morning Kevin and Jordan woke up early and went to Verizon Wireless to purchase cell phones.
“Hey we’d like to buy some cell phones” Kevin said
“What kind are you looking for? “the clerk asked.
“Just phones to talk to each other on just in case of emergency” Kevin said.
“Okay, and how many year contract?” the clerk asked.
“1” Kevin said.
“Okay, I will send them to your address so they should arrive today” the clerk said.
“Thank you” Kevin said.
The convicts started walked back to the Holiday inn and Kevin asked the clerk a question.
“Who is the manager of this hotel anyways?” Kevin asked.
“His name is Timothy Berezin” the clerk said.
“Oh” Kevin said.
The convicts did not know it but Timothy was actually an undercover cop sent by the Salem Police Department to spy on the two strange people.
“Lets do something crazy” Jordan said.
“Like what?” Kevin said.
“Lets rob something” Jordan said.
“Like who?” Kevin said.
“Like 7-11, but it should be easy so we shouldn’t get caught.
“Ok, but when is it going down?” Kevin asked.
“Tomorrow afternoon” Jordan said.
As the convicts prepared for the robbery, they loaded their p-52 hand guns, and got their Kevlar vests ready so they can just put them on and drive to 7-11. They set their alarm for 9:00am. Their alarm went off and they dressed up and they headed out the door at 9:30 after they were done strapping on their vests and getting dressed. Jordan drove to 7-11 and the convicts said their prayers before they robbed the store. After their prayer they left the car running and their doors unlocked. They walked into 7-11 and pointed their guns at the clerk. The clerk triggered the silent alarm and stalled to give the convicts the money in order to give the cops time to respond. He finally gave them the money. As Kevin and Jordan ran out the door with the money tow cop cars came drifting around the corner. The convicts got inside their car and pushed the pedal to the metal once again. The convicts were being chased through ally-ways, and private streets. The convicts thought they were going to get away so they looked back to see how far the cops were behind. When they looked forward” BOOM” their car ramped off the side of a loading dock and corkscrewed through the air and landed upside down. The convicts were caught and now facing charges.
The convicts went to court and were faced with armed robbery and resisting arrest.
The convicts were thrown back into prison and they never tried to break out again because they knew it wouldn’t work.

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