Cat Fight

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Far out on the grey horizon, icy glaciers surrounded a land covered with sparkling ice. Strong winds screeched reminding of cruelty. Nobody could get to this land and only two cat families that always have been there lived in two big fortresses. They were enemies for hundreds of years. One cat group was called the Shadow group and the other was the Panther group. These cats lived only off of fish in the nonfreezing river.

Scarter, the shadow group leader had three other cats, Tom, Ratter, and Filler. They were a mean and cruel group that tried to destroy Packer the panther group leader and his cats. The Panther group also had four members. They were Lacker, Kittler, Elwoar and their group leader Packer.

One icy windy morning Packer woke up from his mossy bed with a jump. He had a dream that Scarter was coming for his final match against him and his companions. Packer believed in dreams so he woke up his companions and they sharpened knives, spears, pikes, and axes. After a day of getting ready they set off and their black figures faded leaving only paw prints.

Scarter was traveling fully armed also with his cats for the final match whom they thought would be easy because it would be a surprise.
“Quicken the pace. We will stop at dark to rest and then we’ll attack” shouted Scarter.
“Yes, Your majesty” They all answered in one voice. It was getting dark, so after some hours of walking they stopped before a battlefield named Lyman and set up tents.
Packer lay in the ivy brush with his companions waiting on a good time to attack the spotted enemies.

“Kittler” he said, “let’s go now”. They roared and charged the tall tents. Scarter and his cats were almost asleep but still somewhat ready for an attack. They ran out armed and weapons clashed and armor bent. The battle had begun. The two strong leaders fought fiercely and were wounded in places that were full of blood. Lacker stabbed Ratter through the stomach and he died in seconds. Kittler sliced off Tom’s head and so the battle was getting to an end. Full of blood wrath the battle raged on. Quickly Scarter dodged Packer and charged Kittler stabbing him through the heart. He repaid Kittler for killing Tom Starter’s best cat. Scarter the Shadow group leader with his only cat Filler dashed away panting hard. Shadow group was defeated but the Panther group chased them wanting all of them to die. After a long hard chase Scarter and Filler came to the cliffs. There they were trapped. A large cliff stood in front of them and by the sides. They turned around breathless only to meet their foes again

Panther group charged to them and forced them down. After tying them up they took them back to the fortress and put them on a dungeon.

“Let me go. I will kill all of you” yelled Scarter, but it didn’t put fear in no one because he was defeated. Cruelty of Scarter didn’t make him be the ruler but only he got himself locked up.

Lacker went to live in the enemy’s fortress. While Elwoar and the leader Packer stayed at home and buried Kittler. Time passed and everyday Scarter and Filler kept on yelling to let them go. So Packer decided to execute them and they were hung on a tall tree. The sun came out for the first time and a happy festival was put out for Panther group as a defeat against Shadow group.

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