The hug Beyond

June 2, 2009
By Cesar Ortiz BRONZE, Gervais, Oregon
Cesar Ortiz BRONZE, Gervais, Oregon
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“Get out! Get oooouuuut!” the bartender chocked.

“alright mate,” Allen chuckled as he calmly walked out of the bar.
Allen decides to walk, on his way home as not to get arrested for a DUI. On his way home , Allen can catch the sound of a herd of dogs barking from afar, Allen quickly thinks nothing of it. A few minutes later he hears a very low rumble coming from behind, followed by the vast sound of hundreds of English sirens. Allen tried to look over but the scream of the WeeWaaaa,WeeWaaaa, deafened Allen. As Allen crashes to the floor he sees the faint image of a old saint.

Hours later, there lay Allen drenched in darkness. With a sudden sweep he jolted up and stared walking like normal again. Just like that he was off into some unknown place where he would find eternal sanctuary. As Allen passes the old church he gets this cold chill just drain him of all inner energy he has. On the old side walk on bayberry street there sat a unusually strange house. The house was made in several layers of bricks. Very Lincoln looking, but of course out of bricks. As the house was vast and wide Allen was not allowed to go through the downstairs of the house he was renting. There were some new stairs installed 2 years ago after he and his girlfriend moved in. Allen casually walks up the stairs and opens the door to his room. Allen jerks the door open while hitting his wife flat in the nose. “Oh dear! Plumcakes!” Allen squeaked. “let me help you with that sweetie.”

“No, no, no,” replied Mesa “I'm fine, just fine.” Allen reaches for the napkins in the room, Mesa quickly stops him. “I said no dear!”

“Whats wrong honey?”Allen Replied.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” Mesa shook.

“then let me come in Mesa,” Allen said as he muscled his way in to the cheap room. In the corner there was a man. Not a man Allen knows, and with his girlfriend. “Who is this?!”

“Honey don't worry it is what you think, I love this man, he has been coming over for about two months now” Mesa said as she headed for the door holding the new guys hand.

“Now Get out! I don't wanna see you! Or that other guy here again, ya hear?!” Mesa just storms off speechless. Allen Just slams the door and plops himself down on the couch and opens up a bear. “I can't believe MESA CHEATED ON ME!” Allen blurbs out. Ring Ring Ring! The phone was going berserk. Allen feels way to down to answer.

A Few hours later with the Ring Ring Ring! Continuing Allen and picks up and rudely answers “What?”

“You need to come to the hospital immediately sir,” the man on the phone said.

“I'll need to know who is calling and who is in the hospital sir,” Allen said.

“I am a nurse at the meridian nature hospital,” the man on the phone said. “ Our patient has asked to call all of the people in his phone book to come see him.” “he's been begging to see you specifically, Mr. Allen Rugg.” Allen hangs up the call as fast as he can and runs outside to his old faded blue sedan. He almost jumps in but immediately sees the old dice he left there from last time and realizes thats his girlfriends car. He quickly just starts up the old car and slowly shifts up the gears and hits the wheel for good luck. Allen speeds off without care. Passing cars left and right he has bunches of cars beeping at him to calm down. On the highway, three minutes just before he arrives to the hospital his car just steams all up and blows its engine. Allen nervously just abandons the old rundown car and make a sprint for it. All the way through the roads he navigates his way rather easily to the hospital passing many walking pedestrians. At the hospital check in he asks for “Chris White” the nurse slowly points to the left in the ICU.

“Thanks,” Allen thanks as the nurse nods. With Allen speeding through the halls he notices a guard eying him to slow down. Allen walks in the ICU and is suddenly approached by four young looking men all looking very identical, their pop up collars.

The men declare “ Move or Die!”

Allen just stares straight into their faces and gives a mind blowing puch. Wahhh! Heeee Ho!
Allen gets a taser to the back and falls down like a bowling ball but quickly gets up and starts fighting like crazy. Theres only one problem theres nobody in site. But, out at the end of the hall stands his girlfriend Mesa. “Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for dumping you I hope you can forgive me for all the bad things I've been doing in the past few months, will you take me back?” Mesa says a she runs toward Allen.

“I sure will,” get over here,” Allen says politely.
The to love bird run together and at the middle Allen has some negative thoughts of this and starts walking. Now their close together and ready to give each other a great big hug. Allen reaches first and just as he reaches for her she disappears into thin air. Allen doesn't remember much after that. Well he blacked out again, but never woke up.

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