Moe's Cafe

June 1, 2009
By Jack Drain BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Jack Drain BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Chapter 1

I couldn’t wait! Today we were going to visit my favorite football team the Green Bay Packers. They were versus the Chicago Bears. We are driving to Green Bay and was about to run out gas so we stopped in Kinship. The second we got the car in the gas station it broke. Kinship is a really old and dirty town. So when we got out of the car we were hungry but we didn’t want to eat. The car was going to take 3 hours, so we went to Moe’s Café. Once inside I could tell this was going to be bad. The wall oozed with slim, the floor had never been clean, all the workers looked sick. But my dad didn’t notice. I felt so sick I ran to the bathroom. Lets just say I wish I didn’t. The toilets looked so bad road kill would have looked better. At least the sinks looked clean I thought. But when I tried to turn it on the faucet it oozed out something green. When I got out I was a mess. “What happened to you?” my Dad said. “Don’t ask.” I said. When I looked at the menu the best thing I saw was a cheeseburger, so when the waiter came I ordered that. But after I ordered it she said, “Moe is keeping me hostage! Please help m…!” She didn’t finish the sentence because there was Moe right behind her with a bottle that he I think he just knocked her out with. He said, “now since I had to get rid of my only waiter you two are going to be my waiters now! Ha ha ha ha.” Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. My Dad said, “ We don’t have to stay here! The poli…” He didn’t get to say anything else because he fell through a hole in the seat. “ Any other smart remarks, boy.” “No! I mean, no sir!” I said as loud as I could in case someone could here.

Chapter 2

“So that’s how I got to be working here.” I said after I answered his question. “But back to the point I need to be rescued!” I yelled. “Okay, First I’ll think of one,” whispered 001. “Jack hurry up!” yelled Moe. I ran back to the kitchen and got his mega-burger. When I got back with his food 001 had thought of a plan. The plan was he would come in and arrest me like I was a criminal. I would say so you finely found me after all these years. Then 001 would pull me out and throw me in the back of the police car and we would go. On the day of the plan I was washing the dishes and then 001 came in with his partner 002. Both their guns were out and when they ask for me. Moe yelled, “What did you do this time Jack!” “My names not Jack, its Jon.” I told him. “Come on we have to get back to my house, I mean the prison before dark!” said 002. At that moment Moe knew that it was a trick. 001, 002, and I ran as fast as we could to the car. When we got to the car and got into it Moe’s samuri-ningas were hot on our trail. We barely got out of the parking lot before the samuri-ningas were it the many Moe mobiles.

Chapter 3

We have been have been going as fast as we could for 2 hours. So I decided to look back and see if they are still following, when I didn’t see any samuri-ningas I said, “ I don’t see any. I think we should get some gas. When we got out a samuri-ninga that was hanging on the back attacked us. The battle was short and 001 took him in for questioning. But that was after 002 dropped me off. Then something weird happened, I saw my neighborhood shrink before me eyes.

Chapter 4
I woke up startled and staring at my Dad. “ Come on it was probably just a bad dream. Hurry up the game is going to start soon.” That was the best football game I have ever seen. The scoreboard was always changing. But at the end of it the Packers beat the Bears 38 to 35 in overtime. When we were walking back to the car I saw Moe. Or so I thought it actually happened to be my uncle Jim.

Chapter 5
“So is that why you don’t like uncle Jim.” Asked my daughter Daisy. Daisy is my youngest. Daisy is 7. “ That was a pretty whacked up bedtime story.” That was Adam. He’s 11. “Well you wanted me to tell you why I didn’t like uncle Jim. All right now, go to sleep.”

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