When the stranger calls

June 1, 2009
By maddie basken BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
maddie basken BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Once a upon a time there was a girl named Mandy who has short brown hair with brownish greenish eyes and a boy name Chad who has dark brown hair with blue eyes. These two teenagers have never been more scared in their life. The boy and girl plans to hang out on Saturday night. The girl gets home and sees her mom. Her mom starts to talk and said “Your dad and I are going away for the weekend to Hawaii.” “You may have Chad come over and some of your friends, but NO party!” Mandy gets so excited and runs to her room and starts to call Chad. They talk for an hour on the phone about what they are going to do on Saturday night.
The adorable couple goes to school the next day and are happy that they get to have some alone time on Saturday night. Chad walked Mandy home from school. The night is going by and Saturday morning is here. Mandy wakes up and goes out and smells the fresh air and smile and says “this is going to be one happy day.”
Mandy is getting ready for her night with Chad. Mandy picks out her outfit which is a Hollister sweater with Hollister jeans and a heart necklace that Chad got her. The afternoon is going by and night is starting. He will be here in about an hour. Mandy is getting blankets so they are warm, a scary movie, and popcorn for the movie. The doorbell ring and it was Chad. He walked in and said “Hey, how’s it going?”
“I am doing well. How about you?” she said smiling.
“I am doing fine,” he said smiling back at her. They walked into the living room.
She said, “Do want anything to drink??”
“Ahhh sure I’ll come with you,” Chad replied.
“Ok,” She said laughing. They get their soda and popcorn and walk back to the room. They sat down and cuddled together in a blanket and started to watch the scary movie.
The movie is half way done. Chad and Mandy heard the doorbell ring and Mandy goes, “I wonder who would be here at 11: 30 pm.” She gets up and jogged to the door and opens it. There is no one there. She closes the door and locks it. She walks back to the living room and said, “There was no one at the door so it was probably some kids ding dong ditching.”
“Oh.” Chad said. She turns off the lights and starts to watch the rest of the movie. The doorbell rings again.
“Jeez who could it be now?” Mandy said.
“I will come with you this time,” Chad said while Mandy sighed a relief. They got up, open the door and no one was there. They started to get mad like fire burning out of their ears.
“Next time it rings I am not answering it.” Mandy said.
“Yea I know I am getting angry, I want to spent time with you peacefully,” Chad said. They started to watch the movie again.
Mandy said, “This reminds me of when we started to date because we went to the movies and the family behind us kept on hollering at us!”
“Yea great memories,” He said.
The doorbell rings again and Mandy gets angry and notice a piece of paper was slipped under their door saying If I were you I would lock my doors and windows. Mandy gets really frightened and shows Chad!! They went to check all the doors and windows. All of them were locked but ONE!!! The phone starts to ring and Mandy answers. Hello! Hello! Stop calling!
They call the police and they said they would be here in 20 minutes and we will see if they can trace the stranger cell. “There are a lot of things that could happen in 20 minutes,” Mandy said.
The phone started to ring and the police said “GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!!!”HE IS IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!” The started to book it to the door and the stranger jumped in behind them and then they turned and went to the bathroom and locked it. They are so scared that they could be frightened to death. The stranger starts to pound on the door and tries to break in! “There is a secret passage to the bedroom” Mandy whispered. They went through the secret passage and walked into her bedroom. The Stranger must of have know the secret passage because when they peeked through the crack of the door, he was there! Chad saw a sharp stick and hid it behind his back and said, “Go first and run towards the door.” “I have a plan.” She ran out and the stranger chased after her. He grabbed her and pushed her to the floor. The stranger didn’t know Chad was in the room. Chad crept quietly out of the hiding place and stabbed the guy’s hand into the floor. Chad and Mandy ran outside and the cops just got here.
“Where is the guy?” said the officer.
“He is inside! In my bedroom,” Mandy said crying.
The Stranger was a serial killer. They were trying to find the guy for 5 years. The couple was glad they survived the ordeal. Mandy has flashbacks and gets scared often. Chad was by her side no matter what. They both graduated high school and college. They got married and live happily ever after!

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