June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Flying head over and peering down at the island, I saw a ragging fire engulfing the island right before my eyes. Achiba, a massive lush green paradise, was being destroyed by a forest inferno that was slowly creeping towards the village. Alarmed at the sight I flew to the cave were the EIB headquarters were (Elite Island Birds). Panicking, due to the freak disaster I yelled out “Code 7-6-2.98723, this is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill.” When the news was spread around the cave, three other EIB's joined me and we went for the village. Jetting through the air I struggled to reach the village before the raging inferno could. When we barely reached the village, we let out a simultaneous screech to warn the village of the approaching danger. With the villagers well aware of the situation at hand we broke apart and wished that we would one day reunite. Seeing a nearby escape ship being pushed of the shore, I descended to the mast and closed my eyes, still not knowing of the dangers I would soon encounter.

The author's comments:
One of my Classics.

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