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June 1, 2009
By Ashley Leung BRONZE, Manahawkin, New Jersey
Ashley Leung BRONZE, Manahawkin, New Jersey
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Young girls are always best friends. As they grow they grow apart. Sometimes they fight and have a fall out. Just like Daisy and Abby. Nothing was worse than their fall out in 7th grade. One word led to another and they stopped being friends. Yet, everyone saw it happening Abby was a good girl and Daisy was a bad girl. Everyone excepted their relationship to fall out even though they were best friends. No one thought they could be friends for as long as they were though. They were best friends from 3rd grade to the end of 7th grade.

It didn’t do much good for them when they stopped being friends; at least not for Abby. For the rest the school year Daisy ignored Abby. Abby was a little mad over what had happened but, summer gave her time to cool down. By the time 8th grade came Abby thought Daisy had too.

Abby was wrong. The first day Abby saw Daisy again she tried to speak with her. However, instead of reopening up their friendship it opened a door for Daisy to yell hurtful things at Abby. Daisy would yell hurtful mean things at Abby everyday and Abby would cry or look hurt and try to reply with a mean comment.

Slowly, Daisy took in friends of Abby’s and turned them against her. Daisy would start rumors. She would push her books down in the hall. So many hurtful things were done to Abby that year. Daisy couldn’t help her self though. Daisy had to be the center of attention and Abby was the way to it. With numerous visits to counselors and peer mediators and everything Daisy’s hate for Abby just grew. The whole time Abby felt the mutual hate for Daisy. Nothing though seemed to be the same for Abby. Many people stopped liking Abby. Daisy would only give half of the story and not the full story. Abby would admit to everyone that she was at fault as Daisy was. Yet, Daisy wouldn’t admit anything.

Abby would run home everyday crying to her mother. Yet, her mother would say, “Abby, you need to suck it up! Just ignore that girl.”

Abby would reply with, “Mom, I can’t ignore her!”

One day, Abby was sitting in homeroom after a morning of pranks and rude comments on her. She was absent mindedly doodling in her notebook when a boy of Daisy’s friends came and sat across from her.

“Daisy says she wants to fight you,” he told her with a bit of excitement. The boy sat on his seat waiting for Abby to reply with a, “Sure, what time?”

“Are you serious?!” Abby slammed her books down and looked at the boy bewildered. The boy’s smile grew and he nodded. “No, I’m not doing this anymore. You can tell Daisy that I’m done. Daisy can do whatever she wants! I’m not going to acknowledge her anymore! She can scream mean things to me all she wants but, I am not going to cry anymore. She isn’t there anymore!”

“So, you’re not going to fight her?”

“No! I will take a beating from her for the rest of my life because she isn’t even there anymore!”

Abby stuck to her word when it came to 4th period and Daisy was yelling her usual mean things to Abby, Abby ignored her. This shocked Daisy. Abby didn’t give her as much as a passing glare. The whole period Abby maneuvered her way around Daisy and her comments without even semi acting like she was there.

“Well, when I beat her up she will have to fight back,” Daisy muttered to her self.

The next afternoon as Abby walked to her science class like any other person she passed Daisy and a group of her friends.

“Hey, Abby,” Daisy called and Abby continued to walk. Daisy’s face turned red and she shoved Abby hard into a locker cutting Abby’s cheek. However, instead of Abby getting up and fighting back she just kept walking. Abby walked nonchalantly into her science class.

“Abby, what happened?” a group of people formed around her desk.

“Nothing,” she gave them all weird looks. Even the teacher began to ask her.

Daisy was only more angered with Abby for ignoring her.

The next day at a different time Daisy shoved Abby again. Once again Abby stood up and began walking again. However, Daisy punched Abby in the jaw knocking her over. Again, Abby stood up and just continued to her locker. Daisy still wasn’t done. Daisy ran in front of Abby and punched her in the nose. Abby fell backwards as the loud crack turned many heads. That’s when a teacher ran to her aid.

“Are you okay?” the woman asked and Abby stood up with her bleeding nose and nodded.

“Nothing happened,” she repeated three times to the teacher before walking off to her locker. Abby’s locker buddy gave her a weird look.

“Are you okay?” he asked very concerned.

“Yeah,” she nodded and walked to math.

As Daisy sat in the principal’s office she couldn’t believe that Abby had still ignored her. So, the beatings continued. Day after day Daisy would hit Abby. Abby spent numerous hours in the office. Yet, she would tell them that nothing happened. She knew that Daisy’s beatings were getting less bad. She knew that slowly Daisy was realizing that what she was doing wasn’t getting anywhere. She knew that no matter what Daisy insisted on that Daisy would eventually stop completely.

Yet, one day, Daisy snapped. Abby was walking through the halls during her after school band practice. She was on her way to the bathroom when she saw Daisy standing at the corner. As always Abby ignored her. Daisy made a comment and kicked Abby making her trip. Abby stood up being a mute and kept walking.

“Stop!” Daisy cried. She then pulled out a gun and pointed it at Abby. She was shaking. Now, if it was anyone else Abby would have said “Whoa, I better stop.” But, she knew Daisy too well to know that Daisy wouldn’t pull the trigger nor would she bring a loaded gun to school. Abby continued walking pass Daisy. “Now, you can’t ignore me!” she screamed. “Stop ignoring me!” she shook and Abby just continued down the hall. “Why won’t you stop?!” Daisy cried and pulled back the trigger. Abby fell to the ground. Daisy’s eye’s widened and she set the gun down slowly. “I just wanted her to stop.”

A boy walking down the hall who had seen the whole thing ran to Abby’s side. He flipped her over and Abby’s eyes were still open. Since the bullet only got her in the stomach she had a bit of time to speak.

“Some one call the nurse!” the boy shouted and Abby shook her head.

“No, it’s okay nothing happened.”

The author's comments:
This is something about teen drama. How girls go to extreme lengths just to make the other one miserable.

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