Don't Tell i Killer You're Sorry

June 9, 2009
By Michelle Malboeuf BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Michelle Malboeuf BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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“I was 7. I was sleeping in my bed. There was a loud crashing sound. Like shattering glass. There was yelling and a gun shot. My mom ran into my room and pulled me out of bed, telling me not to make any noise. She opened my closet door and buried us in my clothes and toys. I kept asking her what was going on, where’s daddy, why are you crying. But she never answered. Then my sister Dannie walked into my room. She was 17, beautiful. She had long brown hair and crystal blue eyes. She was tall and skinny, and she was so nice, so loving and nice. But she was crying, she never cried. And then he came into me room behind her. He pulled out a knife and ran it through her hair. He grabbed her by the neck and said to her “You know where your sister is. You know where she is, but you‘re just not telling me. SPEAK! No? You’re really not going to talk, and now you’re going to pay, unless you tell me where she is!” Dannie didn’t say anything. The man pushed her onto the floor and stabbed her in the chest five times. And then I wake up. Screaming, tossing and turning, and in a clod sweat.” Andrea said. “I had that same dream, that same memory of that night for six months. And then they just went away, for a long time. But now they’re back. Worse than ever before. The blood is redder, the screams are louder, the tears are warmer, and my regret is stronger. If I had just gone. Just jumped out of the closet and gave myself up, I could have saved my sister. He wanted me. He never wanted to kill her! It’s all my fault!” Andrea was screaming, crying, infuriated with herself.

Doctor Ross jumped out of her seat and stepped over to her. “Andrea listen to me. It is not your fault your sister is dead. He would have killed her either way. If you would have come out he would have killed her because she saw him and could turn him in. Honey you did the right thing. Do not blame this on yourself! There is nothing that you could have done to stop him!” Doctor Ross had been Andrea’s psychiatrist for the past 10 years. It was like she had become a part of Andrea’s family.

“I know,” Andrea said, “but it just kills me that he’s still out there, living, happy. He doesn’t suffer for what he did to my family, killing my dad and sister. And I can’t help but think that he’s out there, but he’s waiting for the right time to get me.”

“Well, we won’t let that happen. I will do anything I can to keep you safe. Now go one home before your mom gets worried. Your session ended 15 minutes ago!” said Doctor Ross.

Andrea stood up and went out the door pulling on her jacket as she went. When she Stepped out side she shoved her hands in her pockets and began a cold walk home. She was half way home when a man pushed by her. Andrea had never seen him before but she felt scared of him. She couldn’t see why, he had light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Nothing about him was scary or frightening at all. She pulled out her phone to text her mom and tell her she was going to be a little late. When she opened her phone she had one unread message. She opened it and it read “I killed Dannie, I will get you.” Andrea froze. She thought about running back and calling her mom, but she didn’t want her to worry so she started back home.

She was about two streets away from her house when a car pulled up to a house a few yards away. There driver looked exactly like the man that pushed by her earlier, but he was wearing different clothes and his hair was shorter. Andrea decided to cross the street and not walk by his car, but he came in front of her and grabbed her.

“I know, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I’m taking you for your own safety.”

Andrea screamed. She tried to get away from him, but he was strong. Once she was in his car he began to explain himself. “I’m Andrew,” he said, “I know you’re probably scared out of your mind but I’m not going to hurt you, my brother will, and that’s why I have you. You see, ten years ago, he killed your sister and father. I only found out a few days ago. He said he was going to get you. I don’t know why. But I’m trying to protect you.”

Andrea just sat there. She was curled up in a ball and she was crying. They drove for a long time. Andrea fell asleep and when she woke up she was in a bed in a hotel room. In the other bed just a few feet away was Andrew. She quietly walked over to the window and looked down. “Smart man, he booked a room on the like 20th floor, she thought to herself. “There’s no chance of me jumping out of a window.”

Andrew shifted his position and then got up out of bed. He walked over to her and handed her her phone. “It rang a few times. I think there’s a voicemail.” he said. “Call your mom or something, we’re going to the police in a bit.”

Andrea replied with a simple “thanks”.

There was a banging on the door. Andrew looked through the peep hole. He turned around “It’s my brother,” he whispered. “Get under the bed. Now!” He opened the door.

“Where is she!” the man screamed. “You better tell me now! Don’t be stubborn like that damn Dannie girl! I’ll kill you too Andrew! Tell me where she is!”

“Tom”, Andrew said, “I don’t know where she is! Leave me alone!”

Tom turned and stormed out of the room. Andrew waited a few seconds and helped Andrea out from under the bed. “We have to move fast,” he said, “we can’t let him find us again.”

Andrew and Andrea left the hotel and climbed into his car. They began down the street. It was early, the sun was just rising and they were both hungry. They stopped at a small bagel shop near the park. When they got out of the car they saw a man with blue eyes and brown hair walking over to them. It was Tom.

“I thought you didn’t know where she was!” he yelled at Andrew.

“I was trying to protect her. I’m sorry!” Andrew shot back.

“Don’t you apologize to me!” Tom pulled out a gun and shot Andrew.

Andrea screamed.

Tom turned and looked at her. “I’ve wanted you since the day I saw you ten years ago at the mall. You are beautiful. But you and your precious little mommy left the store! I followed you home. I have dreamed about you everyday since then. I killed your daddy and sister. You happy now!? “

“Please don’t shoot me! I’m sorry! Please just don’t sh-”

“Don’t you say your sorry to me!” Tom pulled out his gun again and fired a bullet into Andreas chest. He turned around to see the owner of the bagel shop running over to him. “Don’t you get any closer!”

The man stopped running and slowly walked back inside to call the police.

Tom knelt down next to Andrea. He whispered in her ear, “I will be with you forever.” He lied on the ground next to her and shot himself in the head.

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