The Basement Full of Snow

June 10, 2009
By kayla kavanagh BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
kayla kavanagh BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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Once there was a boy named Michael he was 13 years old. In his basement there was snow it was magical snow that will never melt.

One day he decided that he wanted to live in the basement. So he asked his mother and his mom said "no”. Michael really wanted to move into the basement so he kept asking. By the 12th time his mom started to get really frustrated so on the 13th time she said "yes but I will check on you once a week".

Michael excitedly ran up into his room and got packed up. Then he ran downstairs and kissed his mom. Then he went into the basement.

On the first day he built himself an igloo and made many snow men. When his mom came in and checked up on him that week he said enthusiastically "I’m doing great".

For the next three weeks he made many snow men and had great fun and told his mother that he was doing great.

But then on the fourth week he got really bored with making snowmen and going ice fishing every day.

That week when his mother came to check on him he started crying and turned around so that she wouldn’t see and tried to tell her that he wanted to leave but she couldn’t understand what he had said and assumed that he was doing aright. For the next week he cried each and every day until he cried himself to sleep.

On the day his mom came to check on him his tear ducts had dried up and he wasn’t able to cry anymore. He told his mother that he wanted out and his mother took him right out.

Then his mom locked the door to the basement and Michael never asked about it ever again.

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