Surprised, when telling the truth

June 18, 2009
Here I am, at the age of twenty-nine, with no children. Before I continue about the present, let me bring you to my past. At age six both of my parents died in a horrible car accident, so I was left with my grandparents. I went to school in Mobile till I was fourteen, which is when my grandfather died. Me and grandmother we’re left will everything, and my grandma couldn’t handle it. A year after my grandpa died, we had to move to Wyoming to live with my Aunt Nina. She was a mean, strict, rich lady, who I hated very much. When I was seventeen my grandma past away, and I bound determined to get the h*ll out of Nina’s home. I dropped out of school and ran away with my boyfriend, Dalton. Neither of us had a job, or a place to go. We moved back to where I love most, Mobile Alabama. We both got jobs and worked till we saved enough to get a small place together. By the time I was twenty I was on my own again. It was late one night, working a double at waffle house, when I met Jeff. He was everything I could ask for. Within eight months of knowing each other, I moved in with him. He had the softest brown hair I’d ever touched, and I got lost in his hazel eyes; he truly was amazing. Although, he didn’t have much money, I didn’t care and got married when I was twenty-five. We both work long hours; him as a janitor at the local high school, and me being a maid for the richest couple in the state of Alabama; I’d probably put us in the lower class of society; which now brings me to our present times. Since I do work for the most power people in Alabama, the Donaldson’s; I have met plenty of wealthy and famous people. I’ve always dreamed of being rich and having everything I ever wanted, but the closest I came to rich, was the job I did. One day the Donaldson’s had a huge party, and invited me to go, but said I must wear a formal dress; which I did not own. As I told my husband about it, he told me he would find a way to get me that dress because, I deserved to go to that party. He took his savings out of the bank and told me to find the most beautiful dress I had ever seen, and I did. It was lavender purple with a sparkle glow; although I had no money left to buy jewelry. I figured I would just ask Mrs. Donaldson if I could borrow one of her pieces; and she let me! I found a remarkable diamond bracelet that matched so well. On the night of party, I was extremely happy. It was my time to shine and let others she I wasn’t just a sleazily maid, but a beautiful young lady. When the night was over, and I had to return the bracelet, it broke. I was so ashamed to tell Mrs. Davidson, it took me almost an hour to admit what I had done. When I finally told her she laughed and told me, O Johanna don’t you worry about a thing, I didn’t like that bracelet anyhow.

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