Roudy B

June 17, 2009
By riley evans BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Hawaii
riley evans BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Hawaii
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“Hello judge. “

“Who said that?”

“Down here your highness.”

“Oh I see, and who might you be?”

I’m Roudy B.”

“But you’re just a simple bullet.”

”Ya but I’m the bullet that killed that old hag.”

“Oh ok, and what bring you here.”

“Well I witnessed the whole thing and I might be of assistance.”

“Then start telling me everything you know”

Well me and old “Good” were just riding around on Charlie (our deadly stallion) when out of know were a young lady ran up to us. Yelling about a guy named Black Bart robbing the Blackberry bank with a very nice rifle. Right then I got really happy because it gets really stuffy in that revolver of his. Maybe we might get into some old fashion gun action (if you know what I mean).

“Yes I do know what you mean” explained the judge.

Ok, well as I was sayin. We dashed over to that bank like lightning on Charlie. It took us about a mildly ten minutes to get over to that 3 year old bank. As soon as we got there we tied up Charlie to a hitching post. Guess what happened next, Charlie took off. We weren’t too happy about that!

“Get back to the story the story now” said the judge

“Ok miss bossy pants.”

“There we were, right outside ol Blackberry. When we saw him.

“Black Bart, right.” Exclaimed the judge

“No it was superman who we saw. No dah it was Black Bart.”

Now back to my story as soon as we saw super man, I mean Black Bart. Bravely we went crashing through the window. “Freeze” yelled Good. Then Black Bart started runnin in circles very scared. When we weren’t expecting it he pulled out a revolver. I even saw my buddy named Philip through the barrel of his gun. This went on for about 3 long, agonizing minutes before Good pinched me in the butt, and I went zooming like crazy at that lame Bart. Kaboom! I had landed right on his black hole of a heart. I layed there for a few hours until a guy named Doctor Phil ripped me out with all of his force. After that Good threw me outside in an old spitten across the road. Eventually I wobbled my copper self over here for this hearing. That’s my awesome story.

“Thank you Roudy B” replied the judge

“Any day you want judge”

“You may leave now Roudy B”

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