soccer ball in the sand

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

(#3)Kicking me into the air as I scream in pain, The other person stops me from flying any farther by slapping me in the face.(#1)The foot curved around me as they kicked me around the beach. I keep stopping in the holes of the sand made from the feet of the kids. They take me to the line, they line up for a shootout. He kicks me side to side, foot to foot, the goalie comes out and jumps on me, she wraps her arms around me as he kicks sand into my face. I heard a snap but I did not know what happened. They keep kicking me around but he went and sat down on the side lines.

Later on they are still kicking me around, he walks over to the other side of the field that they are playing on. I role over to him and he kicks me in the face, this time I knew he broke his foot. (#5)The boy, red eyed and teary, limped over to the side lines and sat down for the rest of the time they played.

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