Another Summer Fades Away

June 4, 2009
By Ariel Gendron BRONZE, Londonderry, New Hampshire
Ariel Gendron BRONZE, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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Its almost sad how the blonde sun drenched girl sits alone on the dock observing the ripples in the lake and the aged groves in the wood. As if she were waiting for someone. She could be waiting there forever until someone comes along to sweep her off her feet. She is in deep thought thinking of the occurrences of her summer and how it is waning away into fall. She never wants to leave the dock or the lake or the season. She could almost sit there forever, just waiting and thinking and listening and soaking in the last few bits of the summer until she has to wait another one hundred and eighty days until the next. The feeling of school probably creeps up on her every once in a while but she rushes it out of her head with the thoughts of the memories she created this past summer.

She will never forget the memories she made at that lake. She remembers the time when she was just sitting on the dock by herself, just like in the picture, and the next door neighbor charged her and wrapped his arms around her and jumped into the lake together, clothes and all. She remembers how she fell in love with him that summer and how short their time together was and how she wouldn’t change anything about the time they were together. A rush of heartbreak spread through her. Then she smiles when she see the engraved initials of her best friends. They promised each other that they would be together forever and the permanent etches in the wood made it official, they were all bound together. Now its time for them to leave their summer behind and embark on a new journey that will scatter them across the country. But whenever she is lonely she can always think of the time she spent on the dock that will never change and never move.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a college essay but to be honest i just really like to write. there is a picture that goes along with it that wouldnt fit in the box but if i could create an image in your head then im happy but if i cant then its a girl on a dock. i really hope you enjoy it because i enjoyed writing it.

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