ok so im going to show you a picture

June 3, 2009
By ajdebt BRONZE, Cottonwood, Arizona
ajdebt BRONZE, Cottonwood, Arizona
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ok so im going to show you a picture so close your eyes ready ok. so its the lat day of school for the week there is a hevy overcast and there is a thunder storm on the way you just get out of your second to last hour class. the wind is blowing lightly and you r crossing the out side basketball and walking tword the main building just past a green grass walk way. you are with your friend from your passed class and talking about something you arent going to remember 15 minutes later. when sudenly a 10th grade girl comes tword you, this is that girl that doesnt talk to you and you dont think knows you even exist. well she comes up to you and your friend and she said your name with her hands in her pockets of those ugly tan shorts that you just want to through away eather that or burn till you know they wont come back to life. ok sohere she walks over a woodpanel onto the concrete basket ball court that you could tell has been there a while because it was worn and dusty but so was most things in our small town. now she is saying "so i here your dating .....but i dont see how thats posible because im dating ...... " (his name isnt going on this but anyway) so you say " im not dating him we are just friends but a rumor was started that we were but no umm i dont like him that way" she smiles and can tell you are just a little nurvise that she is talking to you about this. and in your head your screaming get out of here, no play it cool. "really well i was just mad at him earlyer and wanted to talk to you to get the reall story." "well i dont know who started the rumor but make sure to tell him im sorry about this and i had nothing to do with it " so you start to tell this girl is lieing because this boy txted you 2 days ago telling you he liked you and wanted to go out, but we will see ill go to the sorces. ok so she said oh sorry about that but i just had to know and then turns to your friend and said i need to talk to you alone so you say bye to your riend and walk away as you go to your next class your thinking about this akword incounter. so in your next class you talk to another friend and tell them every thing and the person next to them just happened to be your other friend and the person whos older brother is really dating the girl who talked to you. now all i wanted to do is rip there guts out and sence she had home ec bake them in a pie and give it to her friends, im almost positive they would eat it. so after we are half way through your last hour you and your friends go out side to get water when there is the girl surounded by her friends and you see her then you see that teacher that hates you for no good reason so you turn around and of corse the girl said are you ok hannah then you just want to cry right . so you end up texting everyone you know what happens.... then after school when you are whateing to just get out of there to save the rest of you rep. your friend from the begining of the story walks back over tword you and tells you what the girl told her and how the girl really wasnt dating .... and all you can say is thoughs two words that hurt you the most... " i know" and even if you dont like the guy you you know that you will here about it monday and you just cant take it anymore and of corse this is the day your best friend decided she didnt want to come to school just so she could hangout with her boyfriend. and that is the end of the picture hoped you enjoyed my pain .... but im over it cause this happened like a month and a half ago so im ok and have great friends so its all good =)

the end

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