The Blind Ninja

May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

As a ninja stood in the middle of a clearing with his eyes closed, he crouched down on one knee and placed his left hand on the ground and grinned as he said, "There's what, four of you guys here am I right?"

At that, four ninja's jumped down from their trees and surrounded the ninja as they drew their weapons. One ninja that had pink hair stood and said, "You are under arrest Doshu."

"Am I now?" Doshu asked as he slowly stood to his feet.

Another ninja stood to their feet and stated, "You or someone killed an Anbu, and you are coming in for questioning and as a suspect."

"Is that so Korishou?" Doshu asked as he grinned slightly. "As a matter of fact, I don't even know who was killed let alone that a killing had happened. I have been here training as a matter of fact."

"We have proof that you were the one that killed that anbu Doshu." Another ninja stated as he stood.

"Oh? And what's your proof?" Doshu asked, a questioned look upon his face.

"The way the fight was executed." Korishou answered.

Korishou was standing in the in front of Doshu with a mask over his face, his left hand resting upon the front as he glared at the blind ninja in front of him through the eye slits.

“The landscape is the only area that was changed and everyone in the village knows your fighting style.” Korishou said as he took off his mask, revealing an expressionless face and hardened icy blue eyes.

“Korishou’s right Doshu.” The pink haired ninja stated.

“Let me handle it Mori.” Korishou said to the pink haired ninja.

Korishou then got into a fighting stance as he held his Kusanagi up for battle, his icy blue glare staring right at Doshu.

“Korishou Urugai of the Urugai clan, your specialty seems to be hand-to-hand combat, with a sword may I add.” Doshu noted as he raised his head a bit.

The group went slightly agape that Doshu knew Korishou was holding a sword.

“How’d you know I was holding a sword?” Korishou asked as he looked back at Doshu.

“I heard it.” was Doshu’s only answer as he closed his eyes and lowered his head back down a bit. “But it’s time for me to take my leave now.”

The four ninja’s looked at each other again and back to Doshu as he inhaled deeply through his nose, put his feet at shoulder width apart while he brought his hands to his chest in fists. He then extended his arms out in front of him, his fingers outstretched. Doshu’s arms and fingers then became tense as he slightly rose his arms to shoulder height, the ground beginning to shake and tremble violently as he did this. His eyes snapped open and he brought his elbows in as he made fists with his hands. He brought his feet together as he stomped his foot down, bending forward as he bent at his knees. Doing so caused a cloud of dust to burst into the air from the ground.

“What the?” Mori asked as she became even more dumfounded and surprised.

“Clear the air now Haru!” Korishou demanded as he shielded his eyes from the dust cloud like everyone else.

Haru closed his eyes as he brought his arms in at a ninety-degree angle with his knees bent slightly. He then spun his form around as he brought his right hand to his left and thrust them both forward, causing a blast of air to blow the cloud of dust away, when all the dust was gone, Doshu wasn’t there.

“Where did he go?” Horu asked.

“I should have known this was going to happen.” the last ninja stated as she stood to her feet, removing her mask as she spoke.

“But Tohru-sensei...”Horu started to say but was interrupted with Tohru raising her hand.

“We’ll let him be for now, but we need to get back to the village.” Tohru said as she looked at Horu.

“But sensei, how’d he do that?” Mori asked. “I didn’t think he was that good.”

“I’ll tell you later, lets go back.” Tohru answered as she put her mask back on.

The three ninja’s nodded as Korishou put his mask back on too and the four disappeared in a blink of an eye. Once the four ninja’s were gone, a hole formed in the ground and Doshu jumped out, the hole had then recovered itself as if it hadn’t been there as he landed.

The author's comments:
This isn't my finished work but this is my prologue for now. This is actually my first very own work and I'm hoping that it'll become a popular manga and come onto television as an anime.

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