You Have the Right to Remain Silent

June 5, 2009
By Anonymous

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
It all started on September 9th 1973. Fred and Scott were arrested for twelve murders in twelve different states. Fred and Scott are 5’8 and 5’11 and weigh about 190 pounds. They committed one murder every month. They were convicted guilty as charged and will spend the life in prison. The tragic events were all over. Well, that was until 1983.
In 1983, many suspicious reports had been filed and the cases on murders have shot up through the roof! Funny this is once again twelve murders that occurred in twelve different states the exact same way and the exact same timing. You ask how? Well, you will have to keep on reading to find out.
Everybody was lashing out. They all remembered Fred and Scott.

“How could it all be happening again?” they all thought.
In all of the murders they got a look at the killers. They were about 5’9 and 5’11, both around 180 pounds. What are the crazy odds of that?
Fred and Scott are still in jail. They have inspected there cells. Many people then have assumed that the killers are just a copy-cat, but there is one man, Mr. Deep who thought differently.
Mr. Deep is the top detective in New York City, or in other words Crime City. The evidence that he has just doesn’t add up. It couldn’t possibly have been a copy-cat. Everything was identical even there “signature” had the exact same angles and the cuts. Many humorless and appalling crimes happen here in New York, but nothing as dreadful as this and this intense.
Mr. Deep is the kind of guy you can rely on and get good results. He got a lot of people’s attention by detecting these interesting facts. He is extremely observant and notices practically everything, but he isn’t exactly the most organized person. He just gets the job done, know matter what the problem. Mr. Deep was requested to be of assistance on this issue. Here is how he resolves it.
They have pulled together a lot of evidence, which will take months to gaze over. The first week or so everyone was right next to Mr. Deep believing and having a lot of confidence in him, thinking he can solve this murder case/massacre. It was around the second month of the case people started loosing faith in him. Yet, he still found nothing to help him on this case.
It’s now December 23, three months later. Everyone has pretty much lost faith in Mr. Deep. Even Mr. Deep himself. Until late one afternoon, while looking through all of the evidence, he found something. It wasn’t just a

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