The Blook Flows Green

June 2, 2009
By ashleighh BRONZE, La Mesa, California
ashleighh BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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Flashes of green swept past as I flew from branch to branch, my arms only slightly scraping against the branches. The stealth of my elongated leaps caused each landing to be weightless and swift. The liquid black pools of my eyes pointed straight ahead, never shifting or blinking. I felt the presence appear to my left and again to my right, and I knew that I was being ambushed. I sprung into the air in one fluid motion, spinning around in time to see the blurred motion of my opponent race around me. To the untrained eye, nothing was comprehendible; just a flurry of black, brown, green, and the sudden spurt of crimson. Lunging left, my kunai pierced through flesh and fabric and before I could see the dull mass slump from my weapon I twisted right to catch another shadowy figure with the same blade. Then it came, just as I predicted it would. The searing pain in my thigh from a shuriken crawled its way up my spine. Sparks of red blurred my vision as I reached for the hunk of metal wedged into my leg. Yanking it out, I pitched it aimlessly into the trees. Through the bright green brush, a bloodied lump of gray dropped to the ground. Hoping that I had taken care of all of them, I bounded back onto the tree limbs and sprinted through the forest yet again, the peaceful green whirling past as I clutched at my wound that bled blackening blood through my fingers and dripped soundlessly to the lush, forest floor.

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