lost on a island

June 2, 2009

Lost On An Island
It was a cold day in Alaska. My family wanted to get out of the cold and go somewhere hot. My parents decided to go to Hawaii. I was so excited I’ve never been out of Alaska.

We started packing that same night; I could hardly sleep from the excitement. When we got off the plane I could smell the fresh air and feel the warm weather. We settled in our hotel and I wanted to go exploring, go to the beach and see all the different things in the water.

“Hey mom, I want to go explore and check out the beach.” Amber said.

“No your not, you don’t know anything about this place you could get lost and I wont even know where to find you.” Amber’s mom said

“I wont get lost I have my cell phone you can call me whenever you get worried.” Said Amber.
“No you can’t go! You have to stay in the hotel and later you, your dad and I will go but right now I want to take a nap because I didn’t sleep well on the plane.” Amber’s mom said,
“Ok mom I’ll stay in the hotel.” Amber said.
When my mom fell asleep, I left the hotel and went to the beach. I wanted to go by myself I’m old enough to do what I want and when I want. While I was walking to the beach, I saw people dancing on the side walk; I would love to learn how to dance like they do. When I got to the beach it was BEAUTIFUL the water was so blue I could see the fish swimming around in the water. There were so many different colors and sizes.
After I was done at the beach, I didn’t want to go home. I found a place to sleep under the dock, I was kind of scared but after I went to sleep I felt better. My mom and wouldn’t stop calling me to see where I was at, but I didn’t answer. In the morning I went back to the hotel and ask the front desk lady if my parent were still in the hotel.
“No I’m sorry there is no one in the hotel by that last name.”
I started to get frightened, maybe my parents left me. What do I do I do? I started to get tears coming down my face. I went back to the beach and was thinking about going to the cops? No they’re going to think I ran away. I went looking for my parents, I couldn’t find them anywhere. I started to get more scared than I’ve ever been before. IM LOST! I was thinking to myself I should have listened to my mom.

I can’t stay here all by myself. I’m going to the cops; I can’t do this all by myself. By the time I got to the police station, there was a car that I knew. I ran inside, and there my parents were. I saw my mom and she was crying she had red eyes. I gave her a big hug and said sorry for leaving.
“Don’t ever do that again Amber, I was so worried about you.”
“I’m sorry mom, I wont. I just should have listened to you because I could have been stuck lost on this island all by myself forever.”

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