Kidnapped By My Friends

June 1, 2009
By Bryan Suchanski BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Bryan Suchanski BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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Kidnapped By My Friends

I was walking back to my house after going to the store. My arms were filled with the stuff I bought. Suddenly I tripped over something; it just came out of no where. I looked back and saw a black cord or something slide into an alley. I was annoyed as well as scared. Annoyed, because why in the heck would someone just randomly trip me, because now all of my jarred foods were smashed, and all of my other food was smeared or ripped up on the ground. I was scared because, what if they weren’t just messing around? What if they meant serious harm? So I picked up the still edible food off the ground, as much as I could, and started running as fast as I could back to my house. Then my fears were confirmed. Behind me I heard heavy footsteps. I looked around to see a huge man, who could probably knock out Mike Vick in one hit. I turned a corner, only to be snatched up by Mike Vick himself. When my burly chaser got there, they bagged me, and threw me into a van. Right before I was thrown in I saw my friends laughing at me from across the street. What friends they are! Can’t they see I’m in serious trouble?

When I landed in the van, luckily the seats were soft, so I wasn’t hurt when I landed. I smelt the aroma of coffee…and possibly cake? Aw, man…cake. Today was my birthday, and I’m getting kidnapped, what a nice present! I eventually fell into a disturbed, uncomfortable sleep…

When I awoke I was in my bed, tucked in. What the heck? Why would my kidnappers take me home and tuck me into bed? I tip toed out into the living room and looked around the corner. Mike Vick was sitting down talking to the other burly man who chased me. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure standing in the hallway. I looked at the figure, it was another huge man. He’s not supposed to leave, we have to wait another hour! I turned to run, but Mike Vick was already out of his seat and on top of me before I had the time to blink twice. They took me into my bathroom, which had a window in it, which was the size of your average Harry Potter book, not to mention on the second floor. How was I going to get out of this situation?

After what seemed an eternity of counting the black dots on the white walls of my bathroom, Mike Vick told me to follow him, and if I ran, he’d rip my arms off and slap me with them. We headed out to the van, when a cop car strolled by. This was my chance, I took off running towards the cop car as adrenaline rushed through my system. I heard three pairs of very fast footsteps following me. I got to the cop car first, knocking on his window like crazy. Mike Vick ran up to me, and waited for the cop to get out of the car. “Now, whushh the sishuation here fellashh?” Oh no. Mike Vick threw a right and the cop collapsed into his hulk like friend who had just arrived. “Joe, put him over there, in that alley, we have to go, NOW!” the hulk like man, who’s name I now found out is Joe put the cop in the alley, then Joe threw me into the back of the squad car, and all of them followed me into the car, with Mike getting in front to drive. Joe said, “hey Ron! Hold Bryan down!” how did they know my name? Ron held me while Joe pushed a point in my neck, my vision started to blur, and then I passed out.

When I awoke I was in my bedroom AGAIN! What was going on here? So I grabbed my bat that was besides my bed, and tip toed out into the living room. I saw a group of people huddled around a table in the dining room. And realized I knew all these people. My whole family was here, as well as all of my friends. Then it struck me. They set me up! This whole charade was meant to surprise me. I felt light headed, and got dizzy, then everything went black.

When I came back around everyone was looking at me. “How long was I out?” I asked.

“Like five minutes, ha! We finally got you back!” said my now laughing mom. I had a habit of pranking people on their birthdays or special occasions like family reunions and Christmas. Well I guess what they say is true. What goes around, comes around. I haven’t pranked anyone from then on. Nor have I walked home alone from then on.

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