The Dead End House

May 30, 2009
By Rose*Cullen BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
Rose*Cullen BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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This is the legend of The Dead End House…
The year is 2009 and the house was built way back in 1907, one hundred and two years ago exactly. We had to move away from the crowded surroundings of the city because we needed more space, so we moved to the country, but Instead of the quiet noise of the wind blowing, we got nightmares; but you probably want me to start at the beginning and tell you how and why we got nightmares.
When we were looking for houses we ran into this huge house that needed a lot of work and my dad was willing to do that work since we needed a big house for a big family. My four brothers and I called the house “the dead end house”. The reason for this is it looked as if when you walk inside you would meet your dead end. Plus it was at the end of the street, which just happened to be a dead end. We believed that the house was haunted and we have some pretty good reasons for that.

To start with the house itself is pretty spooky looking. The house is so huge that you could compare it to a castle, such as one in England. When they started building the house it was only one little building shaped like a crescent and then over the years they just kept adding on and on until it became a house/castle. People say that when you go inside all the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up and you get the creeps and feel like someone is following you. The look from the outside is just about the same, creepy looking. The faded yellow, now cream colored, paint is long past peeling and the roof needs refurbished. The doors were made of wood which are covered in termites’ but that’s not the worst part, the worst part is the screams that the neighbors swear to have heard.

Whenever we went inside to take look around there weren’t many peculiar things happening. The only thing that was funny was the smell I smelled, but it probably just came from my baby sister who had a dirty diaper. Anyways, my parents decided that they liked the house so much that they were going to take it. There’s the start of our nightmares.

After the papers were signed and we got ourselves situated in the house my brothers and I decided that we should explore in the house. We decided that we should split up into two groups. The first group was my two brothers Bill and Reed and the second team was my brother Jacob and I. When Jacob and I went off in our own direction we found something that not only gave us nightmares but also made us move out.

We found a secret passage way that lead to a room. We started to look around and saw a pamphlet that read “welcome to the Francis Inn”. That’s when it hit us that this used to be a bread and breakfast hotel. Beside the pamphlet was a box of videos and a TV. We plugged the TV in and popped a video in. What appeared on the TV were killings made in that very room and other rooms in the hotel/house/castle. We ran back through the secret passage way and showed the videos to mom and dad, but they didn’t believe. So then we showed them the secret passage way and when we got there, there was the same guy from the videos with the same dagger and said “say night night.”

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