The Sand City

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

In the year 3000 there were new laws new society and people wealthier than king Henry the VIII. The city of Jalcelcore located in the center of the Sahara desert the highest justice system and imprisonment where the worse of people are kept. People of massacre and genocide murders the worse people known to man. The city is no place for the middle class or any person to be. A fifty-foot wall surrounded the city so that no fugitives could escape. Only highest ranked officers worked here where sirens are always going off, search helicopters searching the town scanning it for escapes, scout robots roaming the streets with the latest type of technology with all of possible scanners seeking out run away prisoners.

The biggest controversial event known to the history of all mankind was trialed here the man’s name kept secret, safe from the press and the public. I in my highest authority, chief of the M.M.C.J. or the Mass Murder Crime and Justice am for filling his sentencing for the bombing of the capitol Washington D.C. he and 17 other under cover people working in the capitol sent a nuclear bomb on the tram that took governors to the capitol when it arrived to the capitol it blew up. I am waiting for the details but they don’t matter he was caught for being in a car that must have had radiation and radioactive material in it. Now Washington D.C. doesn’t exists any more and the new capitol now stands in the center part of the U.S. away from the coast.

The most common, worst, cheapest and environmental friendly is the life and death survival. He is left 80 miles outside the city blind folded and left for the desert creatures. He has to face the elements the –40 degree below night temperatures and the soaring 120 degree day temperatures and the sand storms that can remove the skin from your body like a piece of paper in a tornado. This form of punishment has been used so many times after sandstorms the bones and remains of other people are found on the surface of the sand only to be covered back again by the blowing sands. We dropped him off in the desert and was very hard to control him so we injected him with a temporary tranquilizer, when he woke up it was up to him to survive on his own, but something didn’t feel right. It felt almost if something wasn’t suppose to happen. A couple weeks later and I hadn’t had any sleep something was bugging me. At 1:00 in the morning I went to the city crime pound and checked his car. I found his car and something else sitting there on the car seat floor it was his badge he worked at the nuclear power plant and was an engineer. I did some research and went to the plant in which he worked and I found out that he had brought something in is car to take it home so he could repair it. Something was terribly wrong why didn’t the search squad find the badge sitting right there on the seat. Were they part of the plan to attack the capital? Did they frame him for the attack and let him get killed? I have to figure out how this happened before this get out of control.

I took one of the patrol cars out to where the man was dropped off in the desert. I took one of the new levitation patrol vehicle or a L.P.V. since I couldn’t take a regular car because the sand would wreck the engine. It was getting dark and I had searched for hours and I still couldn’t find the man. I turned on the searchlights and went to a lower elevation. There was nothing but hills of sand that reflected the moon’s light. Then I spotted something between the two giant mounds of sand. It looked to be a small mound of sand with an entrance. The only thing that could hold the sand together was water and since there was no water he must of used his urine to keep it standing. When I landed the vehicle and approached the mound there was the man cowering in fear almost dead talking to himself. What had I done, I felt sorry for this innocent man he had gone insane and plus he was on the verge of death knocking at its doorstep. I had to get this man some help. I stayed for a couple minutes and talked to him trying to keep him in reality. I helped him get to the vehicle when it happened. When I turned on the headlights there was a desert creature standing right in front of us.

Its long black fur, three inch long blood stained teeth, its yellow bulging eyes, its claws sharp as a daggers, its muscular hind legs held its body 10 feet off the ground, its long whip like tail, its nose like a bear with hot air spewing from its nostrils. I stood there staring at us as the sand storm was blowing through. The man in terrible condition gasped because he was sick he coughed so hard it caused one of his ribs to break. With the man coughing up blood the creatures instincts kicked in its fur stood up and its eyes dilated. With little hope I took my taser from my back pocket and turned it on. I touched to his chest and even more blood came out but at least he was breathing I covered his eyes to make sure it didn’t happen again. The animal lunged at us and almost grabbed the man and now I knew what it was going for…. him. I tilted the car back so that the blade of the car was exposed and just in time the animal lunged again went head first into the fan. The head of the animal was like steal and caused the motor to stall but the animal was dead. I restarted the motor and flew up into the sky only about 15 feet so we were relatively close to the ground incase the man fell out.

When I looked back I saw swarms of animals coming to the one that just died these animals were cannibals now with other animals tearing away at their now food. He remembered that there was blood on his car fan and the fan was blowing, leaving the scent of blood behind them. I looked behind me and I saw one of the creatures stick their noses in the air then looked at me. It screeched a terrible sound and signaled the rest of the creatures that hadn’t gotten any food. Then they started sprinting after us leaving a cloud of dust behind them. They were getting closer and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t go any higher incase the man fell out of the car. Instead I sped up trying to avoid them. They eventually got so closer and I could hear the stomping of their claws. Soon I was going at my top speed and all the sudden I hear the crunching of metal tearing away from the car. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it to the city. I turned around and shot the creature right in the head and the animal fell down dead. The rest of the animals trampled it and kept chasing us and some stopped to eat the dead animal. We were really far out and I was running low on gas that damn animal had cut our fuel line. I knew we were going to die. I realized why just let the fuel go to waste. I took the taser out again and lit it a streak of fire ran down the gasoline and went in back of us for about 300 feet. We were almost to the gate of the city 1000 feet…800 feet…600 feet all I could hear was the roaring of fire, the stomping of feet and my gas line alarm beep, beep, beep, beep. Now 400 feet… 200 feet… 100 feet. Then all the sudden the fire ran up the fuel line and the car blew up the explosion sent us flying into the gate 90 feet. We slammed into the hard metal gate and left 2 indents in the steel doors. Meanwhile an explosion of fire sent shrapnel in every direction. The blade of the fan flew at us and stuck into the gate just above our heads. The fire turned the sand red within 27 feet of the car. The flaming metal near by killed some surrounding creatures. The creatures searched the vehicle and then picked up our scent near the gate. I thought we were done for. We were in to much pain to move. Then the security lights came on and the flashing of cameras. Some security turrets came out and shot all the moving objects out side the gate lucky for us we couldn’t move. The steal doors opened up and my boss Doug came out yelling when he saw the wreck and all the dead animals. He went up to one of the animals and kicked it in the nose and asked surprisingly
“ What did you do to these stupid animals we need them for our justice system.” The animal jerked and tried to stand up it was about to bite him when I threw sand in his eyes and he bent over yelling,
“ What the hell was that for?” Just as he bent over I shot the animal square in the head. He looked up from the ground and saw the animal fall next to him. He spat out sand and cried,
“ Damn it you could have just told me!” I yelled back, “ I wouldn’t of had been as much fun.”
While he picked sand out of his eyes I explained to him ho that the man was framed for something he didn’t do. I also explained to him that there were 17 other men involved in the incident and that I would need a C.I.A. team recruited so that I could find them using finger prints and other tools. He gave me looked almost as if I was up to something terrible. He answered “Sure”


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