Public Enemy

May 29, 2009
By Da_Lengend! BRONZE, McClellamville, South Carolina
Da_Lengend! BRONZE, McClellamville, South Carolina
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As I walke outside from the apartment complex My mind was running at high speed. it seems to me like the earth was in slow motion. The sun was drying my eye's out, turning my color to night's skin tone. The streets were dripping with humans as they represented the bloods and crips, talking on celluar phones, playing at the basketball court or going boy or girl shopping. I took a step, then another, then another, Somethings coming, I can feel it. My blood became hotter, my anatomy is preparring for combat and my eye's were narrowed with fear and furry. Walking to the concrete I bowed down and ran my finger's on the bumpy surface. Charmaine Carraby. She was the only blood, friend, and...sister to chill with and cherish, they had already wipe up the blood that left the print of her body. As my tears went falling to the ground a car camed by with a rapid U-turn and came running towards me with the thumping base of Eazy-E's "Real Compton City G's". When walking over towards the 1964 chevy there was Mazik, Benyad and Jesus. There eye's were glowing with anger as they squint with their blood coloring clothing blend in with their mad pewrsonality. "Yo!" said Mazik. "It's time!"

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