May 28, 2009
By AnXearlyXending GOLD, Acton, Massachusetts
AnXearlyXending GOLD, Acton, Massachusetts
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Chapter 1 Home

I cried

Take me home

This isn’t home


I slam my body against the door

Chapter 2 Alone

Where am I?

I’m not home

I’m not outside.

Explain please.

It is just a room.


I lay on the bed


The bed is cold

So am I.

Bring me a friend.

For I am lonely
Chapter 3 Cuddles

I wake up

A bear

A dead bear

It doesn’t move when I poke it.

It lays there


No answer

I hold his hand and make him wave.

His name is Cuddles
Chapter 4 Ciara

There is a woman

Her name is Ciara

She is funny


she asks me what they are

I answer

I like her pictures


She says my bear is stuffed.

“Honey?” I asked

“No, stuffing”

I am confused
Chapter 5 Tests

A new bear is here

But no cuddles

I cry

Ciara comes in

Don’t you like your bear she asks


“But Cuddles is old.”

I shake my head

Ciara sighs and gets Cuddles

I smile

Cuddles is nice

Another woman comes in

That was a test

I don’t like tests

Chapter 6 outside

They bring me out

Inside a blanket

Cuddles is with me

He always is

The breeze is cold

The breeze makes leaves fall

I caught one


It fell from a tree

I wonder if the tree wants it back.

Maybe it is jealous of me for taking it.

Trees are much bigger than me

They can crush me

But they just stand there


They must be bored too
Chapter 7 secrets

They tell me

I am 8

I was in a coma

For 3 years

I want to sleep

They want to talk

I cry

Mary yells

I cry more

Ciara stops Mary

That felt better
Chapter 8 Home

They drove me here

I saw many sights

I saw:

Three birds

45 trees

6 squirlls

and a pink flower
But even better then that was the house
Its white
Home is nice


My mother cries

As soon as I step inside

She hugs me

I like mom

Dad is quiet

He smiles when I look at him

I wonder if he is broken
Chapter 9 more tests

They say if I pass this one I can go to pre

I don’t know what that is

I passed.
Chapter 10 the school

I walk in

There is a man he’s bald

He is not broken

I can tell

I walk into a room

There are people

Lots of them




I sit

One waves

I like him

He accepts me
Chapter11 Home

I get home and cry

People are mean

But that boy was not

Only one

One in hundreds


I am crying now

I am alone amongst a sea of evil

I want to sleep

Sleep for a hundred years
Chapter 12 math

My first class is math

There are numbers and swirls on the paper

Yet it is my refuge

I can do it

It is fun

The teacher asked a question

“What is 81 divided by 9?”

I my hand


Very good Nora

I like the word good
Chapter 13 Nora is smart

I went to the bald man today

He says I can go to 3 if I wish

I say no

He says I am smart

“But I am not”

“Yes you are Nora, very smart”


Nora is smart I chant as I skip down the hall.

And I am Nora!
Chapter 14 still fun

I have worked hard

I like hard

3 is very hard

But I can do it.

It will be hard but I will

I can do it

I know I can

Because it is fun

I like fun
Chapter 15 Sleep

I get home I am tired so I sleep

Then mom wakes me

Dinner Nora

She made soup

I like soup

So does daddy

He eats it fast and then goes away

I eat slow

So does mommy

But sometimes she puts her food in the trash and walks away leaving me alone

I don’t know why

I wonder if she has broken too

Then I go into my room and sleep again
Chapter 16 writing

We have to write in three

I hate that

I only write in you because the doctors told me to

The person in the front always says my words are bad

I just sit there and struggle back tears

Then she glares
I hate her

At math it is the same thing she picks me and I do not raise my hand

I politely say no but she makes me

Then I get wrong because of the pressure

Then she glares harder

I then say please just let me watch

Then she sends me to the bald man in front of everyone

Now I am going back to two

I walked in and the teacher smiled at me and asked me some plain math

And I got it right

Then I smiled
Chapter 17 Recess

Recess is freedom

The wind pulls through my hair and makes me feel pretty

Everyone else plays though I just watch

I play with Cuddles he goes to school with me

Some people like him others say he is old

Old is good though Old is Cuddles

Sometimes someone will ask me to play but not that much

Only Tag or hide and go seek

Those games are fun but can be very boring after a while

Sometimes I say no when I am happy

But almost always I say yes to be polite

Sometimes no one asks though and I am left alone

To play with Cuddles
Chapter 18 At that night

During the school day I am left alone

But at home I am littered with attention

Mom buys me things like toys and books

Dad cooks me a lot of food like cake

That night we ate some spaghetti for our dinner

Mom and dad ate with me so I was happy

I love my family

I hope they love me too

That night I went to bed like a normal night

But yet it was not a normal night in any way

My night was restless because the moon was gone

The moon would always cast a shadow on my bed that I would love

Cuddles would lay next to me in a secret world of our own

A secret world…
Chapter 19 Kilaeidea
Kilaeidea is my world, you can only enter by crossing a small log bridge over the
river in my back woods.

Then the world seems to open Kilaeidea can be any thing you want it to be

There is a river a small water fall and many trees even a rocky area for climbing

I was making improvements like bridges and forts I love to build and play

I love it when a rainbow streaks the evening sky and paints a new day

I love new days they are full of new opportunities and hopes I love to hope

That morning I was sitting on the bridge in Kileaidea

I watched the birds fly across the sky, chirping and singing to their hearts content

My heart longs to do this for us humans are stuck on the ground with complex pleasures and loves

When animals are simple and special and they only love who they really must in order to survive

I wish our lives were that way again for we are trapped inside our own minds at our hearts content I hate it

Yet in my world I can do anything I wish I can roam and watch the deer and elk pass through silently

I watch they like me

I can tell these things
Chapter 20 Secrets are revealed

Of course my world of Kileaidea is a secret people would think I was stranger than I am now

There is a new girl in class her name is Jenna She says she has a secret but will only tell her friends

She is bald so my guess is cancer

Her skin is also darker I wonder what that means?

Jenna sat with me at lunch, I promised to tell her my secret as long as I could know hers, I told her

I have my own world of Kileadiea

“I don’t believe you.” She said, “My momma said to be careful and not to have people lie to you on my first day.”

“ But I’m not.” I stated

“Then I’m going to see Kileaidea with you after school” she stated as well

After school she really believed me as soon as we crossed the bridge.

“It’s so beautiful! Look at that unicorn over there!!!” She said pointing to a deer

But it ran off.

“O.K you win.” she said “My secret is I have Lupus a sickness” she said

“Wow I am sorry” I sated truthfully.

She looked up and smiled “You’re my new best friend!”

I have never had a friend before
Chapter 21 lies

There was nothing pretty about a short brown haired girl with amber eyes

Though my mom says I am pretty

I don’t believe her in any sense

She has lied to me before what says she won’t lie here, now

I feel like it is a mothers job to lie in order for you to feel better about yourself.

Though when she lies, I feel worse

The doorbell rings

There is a man in white with a girl older than me

Her hair is short and black while her eyes are light green and sad

She is broken

Mom comes over and gives her a hug.

“Welcome home” mom says

“Mom?” I said tugging at her pant leg “Who is she?”

“This is your older sister Sarah”.
Chapter 22 Sarah

I do not like Sarah, she is always sad, but never smiling

She never leaves her room, and never comes out to dinner.

Sometimes her friend comes, over and if she’s not in her room she’s over at her friends.

But she never talks to me, never.

She sometimes nods at me in the morning when we are going to school, but that’s as close as she gets.

One day she came out of her room

“Hello, Nora we never really talked did we?”

“I looked behind me, to see if there was anyone behind me that she was really talking to.

“Nora I’m talking to you” she said flashing her first genuine smile in my direction, as in what I had just done was completely out of the ordinary. “Come on I’m going to the mall and I am taking you with me!” She said grabbing my wrists and pulling me with all of her might, it wasn’t that I was heavy, I was just resisting.

“Come on!” She said smiling some more.

We dragged me out of the door and into the car sitting out on the driveway.

She has her own car, big and shiny, black.

There is no back seat so she presses a button and tells me to get in.

Then her car is joined by music, but not my music. Harder madder and more complex.

The man sounds like he is choking, like he is sacrificing himself for the song, I think this song is amazing.

“Ha ha squirt, you like A.F.I,” she said as she rounded a corner The tires screeched

“afi I repeated,” Saying it fast


Chapter 23 Mall

I didn’t like the mall

Too many people

Sarah’s friends also came

I like them but not people I don’t know

They swarm around me like the angry bees I saw on animal planet once, the man got stung and died

So I was scared

Sarah talks to me now

Not a lot

But without a doubt more

Mom does not seem to like her much

She yells at her a lot, but never at me she is almost too happy around me it almost scares me a little

Sometimes Sarah yells back

Words I don’t understand

Then mom may go and cry I go and give her a hug it always seems to help cause she says she don’t want to cry in front of her own child

I guess I am her Child then

The author's comments:
I'm not finished with it yet, and I hope people hope I should carry on. Please rate it honestly, becuase I would better you hurt my feelings a little bit then become a liar over me....

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