I Should Have Took A Longer Shower

May 28, 2009
By Cameron Bretl BRONZE, Glendale, Wisconsin
Cameron Bretl BRONZE, Glendale, Wisconsin
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After getting home from football practice, I ran upstairs to take a quick shower so I can go see my girlfriend Amy. In my shower I hear, “Scott.. Scott, someone at the door for you,” my mom yelled. I jump out the shower and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, thinking it’s probably just Amy or a friend downstairs. As I walk down the stairs looking ahead at the door, I would have never guessed this person would be standing at my door. I was in shock of what I saw; I even miss the last few steps on my stairway.
It was old friend Toby. I grew up with this kid since K-5, and he was basically my brother. Until he got in a lot trouble with the law before sophomore year of high school and his parents sent him away. We look at each other, and before I could open my mouth. “Ha-ha, ha-ha, my bro, can you walk?” Toby asked. “You look like you just seen a ghost or something. It‘s been way too long haven‘t it?”
“Yea, man, it’s been way too long, man, come here and give me a hug,” I said. As we gave each other a big hug, I stopped and wondered why he was back. Toby was sent to Texas by his parents for getting in a big gang fight with our cross-town rivals after a football game because one of Blue Duke players stole his girl. So I ask “Bro, what bring you back to the mil?

“I saw your highlights and crap for football on ESPN, and I see you’re the number one recruit in the nation,” Toby replied. “So I convinced my parents to let me come up from Texas, to see one of your football games.”
“Thanks Bro, this means a lot to me,” I said happily. We kept talking for a whiled catching up on the few years that Toby has been gone. After we talk, I told him to come with me to my girlfriend’s house so I can introduce Amy to him.

“Has anything changed around here since I left,” Toby asks while I was driving to Amy’s house.
“No, man, nothing really has change, it’s just been getting worst out here,” I replied. After driving for ten minutes we finally reach Amy’s house. “Before we go inside her house, be nice to her and her parents. And respect her house, please, I really like this girl.”
“Yea, yea okay,” Toby mumbled. We walk up to the door, and I press Amy’s doorbell and after a couple seconds, Amy’s mom can to the door and open it. She told us to go downstairs to the family room where Amy was. As we walk down the stairs, Amy leaped out her seat and ran towards me and jump on me and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“Hey, baby, “Amy shouted.
“Hey, Boo!” I replied. “Baby this is Toby, and Toby this my baby, Amy.”
“Hey it’s nice to finally meet you” Amy quickly said. “Scott has told me so much about you.”

“Hopefully all good stuff,” Toby laughed. “It’s nice to meet you too, I’m glad my bro got a cutie as a girlfriend.” After greeting each other for a bit, Amy turned her attention back to me. “Baby, are you ready for those Blue Dukes tomorrow?” asked Amy.
“Hell, yea. You know I am.” I yelled.
“Blue Dukes?” Toby asks confused.
“Yea, our rivals and, like, the biggest game of the year.” Amy replied. “Didn’t you play against them your freshman year?” Amy asked Toby.
“Yes, I did” Toby said angrily.
Right then I remember the big gang fight with one the players from the Blue Dukes, and they both almost beat each other to death. That kid starts as running back from Blue Dukes. A few seconds later, Toby gets a phone call from someone. After Toby hung up the phone, he turns to me, “Hey, man, that was my old crew. I’m about to go hang with them, I’ll see you tomorrow at the game,” said Toby.
“You’re not going to do anything stupid tomorrow right?” I asked concerned.
“Nope,” Toby said back with a big smile on his face as he walks back upstairs to leave. The next day after school, there was a huge rumor going around, that there’s going to be a big fight tonight after football game. I try not to think about it too much, because I had a game to play tonight and my team needed me to play great, so we can win conference title. Before I met up with my teammates, I saw Toby outside with a whole bunch of our old friends that I stop talking too, after he left. “Scott,” Toby yelled across the parking lot. “Come here bro.” As I started to walk over, “Yea man what you want,” I yelled back.
“I got to ask you something really quick,” Toby quickly answered back. “Hey, you got my back still if I get into a fight tonight?”
“Bro… No, I can’t get in trouble. I have too much going for me now,” I shouted back at him. “I’m not going to throw away my future so you can fight a scrub.” As I turn around and walk away, I hear. “Forget you, man, I don’t need your weak a** anyways, superstar,” Toby yelled.
In 4th quarter, the score was all even, fourteen to fourteen, and it was half minute left in the game. It was our ball and the coach gave it to me, and I score winning touchdown. The crowd went crazy like it was the winning play of the super bowl and they storm the field after kick the extra point. As I was getting high fives from everyone and Toby came up to me “Are you coming or no?” he asked. I just turn around and walk away because I didn’t want to be a part of this crap.
I hear a people screaming fight and stop it, so I look across the field Toby and his crew was face to face with the players on Blue Dukes. They started to push each other, and started to fight. They had started to gang up on Toby and started to beat him up. Toby and his crew were out number, by Blue Dukes football players and fans. They were punching him and kicking in his face and no one stop it. I thought, if I don’t get involved, I won’t get in trouble with law and lose my scholarship; but again, I can’t just let him get his a** whooped. So I sprinted across the field and threw off every one of the Blue Dukes players, and got Toby out of there.
As we walk away the players from the Blue Dukes, started scream out “This isn’t over, this isn’t over yet.” Right after they said that, Toby pulls out a gun and shot a couple off the players. I just drop him and ran home, I didn’t look back once, and I just kept running with all my pads on from the game.
After I cool down, I jump in the shower, where again I here my mom yelling someone at the door. So I jump out the shower and wrap a towel around me, thinking it was just the cops to ask me questions. As I open the door, I saw a gun and all I heard was “BANG!”

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