Lost in Time

May 27, 2009
By Shawn Ressler BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Shawn Ressler BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Tim got a call from his friend Geoff to go down to the park and play some ball. Tim hurried himself, got dressed and was out the door in 5 minutes. He loves playing baseball; it’s his favorite time to do one a humid summer evening. Tim get on his slick black bike and rides to the park where his friends are waiting for him. Then he gets there takes out him mitt and get out in the field. The three outs are recorded, inning over. It’s time to bat. Jim grabs his bat and runs up there first. Bat in ready position, the pitch is thrown. The next thing Jim knows the ball is hurdling toward him, and hits him on the side of the head. Jim goes down, and slowly his eyes shut. The next thing he knows, he can see the light from underneath his eye lids. Jim slowly gets up and looks around. He’s astonished at what he sees. All he can see is ocean. Jim yells, “HELP! HELP! IS ANYONE THERE”? No one responds. It’s very confusing and makes no sense. “How did I get here”? Asks Jim. There seems no way to escape out of this trap. So Jim decides he’s going to need food soon, so he should try something. He needs a fishing pole and some bait. Then he looks over his shoulder and there it is a fishing pole and minnows. He doesn’t believe it. He takes the pole and the bait, and sticks it in the water. The next thing you know he’s got a huge tuna on the other end. By this point it’s been about 2 days since he first discovered where he was. Jim eats the fish raw. Jim then says, “mhmm, this should last me a couple of days at least”. Weeks pass, as Jim does the same thing day in day out, catch fish. But there was a problem; Jim hasn’t fallen asleep at all since his journey started. He was starting to lose energy fast. One day Jim had this one big fish one the line, and he was fighting him for about an hour now. Jim couldn’t hold one any longer. He finally loosened his grip on the pole and it slipped out of his hand and into the water. Jim plopped over and started to drift away. He closed his eyes and slept. The next thing he knew he was being shook and he could hear Geoff’s voice saying, “Jim. Jim…. Wake up Jim”. Jim then rises to see his all his friends crowding around him as he lays one the couch. Then Jim asks, “What happened”? Geoff says, “ You where hit in the head by the baseball, and your very knocked out for about 3 hours”.

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