The Sad Robot

May 27, 2009
By Jamie Miller BRONZE, Plainwell, Michigan
Jamie Miller BRONZE, Plainwell, Michigan
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In this world, not everyone is accepted. Not everyone fits into the “crowd”. Not everybody has a college degree, not everybody has morals, not everybody has a soul. And to be the being that has it all, except a soul, is torture. And now I will tell you about my good friend Gizmo, life is tough. The torture he has to endure just to try to
fit in. But unfortunately its hard for him to do that when he’s only a speaker and 300 pounds of metal.

He was raised in a factory, that was filled with nuclear waste, giant smoking machines, scientists with crazy hair and oil slicked floors. He was the only robot that never had any glitches, never had a problem with his system. The only problem was he cared too much. He tried doing what everyone else was doing, he tried sagging his pants, he tried smoking salvia, he tried to act like kevin federline, but nothing seemed to work. He thought maybe there was a problem with his buttons, maybe his system needed to be updated, but only he knew that he would never be like everyone else.

In school was the worst for Gizmo, being called all sorts of bad names, like Metalhead or Rusty A**. Being yelled by kids saying “You cant play soccer cause you have conveyor belts for legs”. But all that stopped when he got older, and finally found a place where he could fit in and be loved by everyone that went there, and that was Chuck E. Cheese. He got into the band there, he played with all the beloved characters, and made the children happy, the children who once use to yell at him where now wanting his to play his drums. He was loved by everyone that went there, and eventually was brought up as one of the best childrens books ever. He would never be made fun of again, cause he was the one and only Gizmo.

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