Who Would Brittney Choose?

May 26, 2009
By Julie Buskey SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Julie Buskey SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“Who Would Brittney Choose?”
The mirror-like elevator doors swoosh open. Britney Spears is sporting bug-eye sunglasses as she rests against the pure silver railing. A beach ball bump pokes out from the bottom of her shirt. Two men stride into the elevator; one by the name of “K-Fed” and the other Justin Timberlake. Both hold an expression of pure horror.
“Well looks like another Spears is about to enter the world?” asks Justin.
“Yeah…oops…I did it again. It’s not any of your business anyway.”
“Oh cry me a river!” Justin rolls his eyes.

Just as K-Fed is about to interject into the conversation, the elevator comes to an abrupt halt. An ear breaking static fills the elevator followed by a loud booming voice.

“Hello and welcome to America’s latest reality show What Would YOU Do? The rules of the show are simple: Britney has precisely 15 minutes to decide which one of you she will allow to exit the elevator safely with her. The other one will be trapped in this elevator for all of eternity! Enjoy your potentially last 15 minutes of fame boys.”

Instantly there is silence. K-Fed is the first to speak.

“Well sweetie, we did have kids together…” K-Fed slips his arm around Britney’s waist.

“Yeah, but we were childhood sweethearts baby!” Justin winks at Britney

“Your point? You’re just a womanizer.”
Time is beginning to run out.

“Do either of you have a coin?” asks Britney.

“Here.” K-Fed nonchalantly slips Britney his coin.

Britney dramatically flicks the coin up into the air and everything begins to move as if the world was ending. The coin rotates one…two…three times as K-Fed says, “I call heads!”

The coin lands snuggly in Britney’s palm. There is a moment of suspense within the elevator.

“Alright…K-Fed let’s roll.” Britney grabs K-Fed’s wrist. The doors rush open and the two briskly strut out of the elevator. As they are walking away Britney casually tosses the coin over her shoulder just as the doors are moving towards each other. Justin picks up the coin. To his dismay he realizes both sides of the coin were heads.

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