Scout Interview

May 26, 2009
By R.D. Hunt BRONZE, Decatur, Georgia
R.D. Hunt BRONZE, Decatur, Georgia
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Q1) What was your first reaction when you saw Tim Robinson and your father loose the court case?
A1) Well, I felt disappointed that even though there was plenty of evidence to prove him innocent, the jury still found him guilty.
Q2) How did your opinion about Boo Radley change over the years?
A1) Originally, I was afraid of him, but after he saved me and Jem, I realized that he was a good person at heart.
Q3) Do you think now that you’re older you have a better understanding of why the jury found Tom Robinson guilty?
A3) Yes. I realize now that the people of our county at the time believed a white man over a colored man no matter what the situation.
Q4) Have you ever wondered what it would be like had Tom Robinson been found innocent?
A4) Yes, I thought about what would it have been like had he been able to raise his children.
Q5) Were you surprised that after the court case your acted almost as though nothing had happened?
A5) Absolutely. I didn’t understand how he could just ignore the injustice of the trial.
Q6) What were your thoughts when Jem went to retrieve his pants from the Radley fence?
A6) I was worried that he would get himself killed.
Q7) Were you surprised about the condition his pants were in?
A7) Of course. I could not believe that someone had taken them, folded them, and then attempted to patch them up.

For my project I did an interview with a character and answered the questions based on what I thought she would say. The character I chose for my interview was the main character of “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Jean Louise Finch, or Scout. Here is a copy of the questions and answers that I typed up. For those of you that didn’t read “To Kill A Mockingbird, I will summarize what you need to know to understand theses questions. Now I have to warn you guys, my project contains some spoilers incase any of you might want to read it.

In the story, Scout’s father is a lawyer that defends a man named Tom Robinson, who is wrongly convicted of a crime that he did not commit. Tom is 25 and has children, which is common for when the story is set, the 1930’s. There is also a character named Arthur Radley, also known as Boo Radley, whom Scout, her friend Dill, and her brother Jem are afraid. One night they get the get the idea to sneak into Boo’s backyard.

Caught, they run from Boo’s father who is shooting at them. When the escape, Scouts brother Jem gets his pants caught on the fence and has to leave them there. He goes back to retrieve them and finds that his pants are neatly folded and sewn on the fence. Thank you all, that was my project.

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