Son of Caveman

May 25, 2009
By Christopher Flaherty BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
Christopher Flaherty BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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It was a new day on the pure, young, planet we’ve come to known as Earth. Wild plants and trees were free to stretch out their leaves and branches wherever they pleased, and rivers and streams flowed whichever way they chose to. Roads, buildings, and technology weren’t even thought of yet, leaving the land in its natural beauty. Today would spark the start of a new beginning for mankind.

A small cave rested in the rocky plains outside the forests. From inside came a loud roar. Inside, a simple caveman was just starting to wake as his yawn echoed through the walls of his home. He dragged himself out of his bed of leaves, and went outside to greet the morning. His son, with much more energy than his father, followed him out shortly. They wore matching animal cloths, torn from the same leopard the elder had hunted. From this point on in the story, they shall be known as Father and Son.
Father was bulging with muscles, and so bald the sun reflected off his head. His arms were blanketed in hair and as wide as trees. His feet were so big; he may have been linked to the legendary Bigfoot. Son was short and rather scrawny, with limbs like twigs and skin as pale as a fish’s lips. But he had ten times more hair than Father. Son jumped around, eager to start the day and he dragged Father out of the cave.
Their first task of the day was to find food. Grabbing sticks they had sharpened into spears, they headed for a nearby river. They spent the first two hours of the day catching fish. When they had finished they had caught enough fish to last them a week and they headed home for breakfast.

After they had eaten, Father and Son sat atop a boulder, bored. In these primitive times, men had very few activities to keep themselves entertained. Father grabbed two stones, and clapped them together in his boredom. He found the sound they made very entertaining, and so he continued slapping the rocks against one another. He smacked them together, faster and faster, and then suddenly, a spark jumped out from between the rocks.

The spark fell into a patch of grass, and suddenly the grass was shadowed in a roaring, orange glow. Father jumped in fright, and dropped the rocks. He and Son stared in awe at this incidental creation. Fire had been created.

Father went to touch the flames with his hands, but he was instantly burned, and he jumped back in pain. He kissed his finger to nurse the wound. He had never seen anything like this before. Quickly, he put more stones around the mysterious fire, to make sure it wouldn’t escape. Eager to lets his friends and neighbors know of his discovery, he rushed off to find other people.
Before he left, he ordered Son to guard the fire with his life, and told him to make sure nothing happened to it. Son was left in the silence of the jungle, alone with the first fire. Like Father, he too tried to touch it, and suffered the same fate. His curiosity wasn’t shattered though. He moved closer and closer to it, feeling the heat grow stronger. This was the most magnificent thing he had ever seen, and yet he wanted more.
He grabbed some more of the sticks he and Father had turned into spears, and tossed them into the fire. As he had hoped, the fire grew larger as it was fed. He smiled and clapped in excitement, but still it was not enough. He ripped some twigs and branches off a nearby tree and tossed them in. Then he ripped patches of grass out of the ground and added them to the fire. He even took the fish he and Father had worked so hard to get, and fed them to the flames.
Soon the fire had grown three times its size. Son was rather pleased with himself, but he didn’t stop there. Not knowing what happens when you mix fire and water, he filled a bucket Father had made out of tree bark with water and tossed the liquid at the fire. In an instant, it disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Son stared in horror. He had made the fire disappear.
What would Father do when he returned and saw his creation gone? Son ran around, fearing just what would happen. He knew he had to create another fire to replace the one he destroyed.
He scrambled about, grabbing dozens of twigs and threw and ran into the cave, so no one could see. He threw them into a pile, and then grabbed two stones, and started clapping them together, like Father did before. But he couldn’t create another spark. He slammed the rocks together, faster and faster, as hard as his scrawny little arms could.
Finally it worked. One spark rocketed into the pile of wood, and another fire was born. Son cheered in excitement. But he had yet to realize, another spark emerged from the rocks, and it had landed right in Father’s bed of leaves and grass.
The bed burst into flames, and soon Son’s bed caught fire too, and then all the animal skins Father had hunted. Shortly the whole cave was ablaze. Hoping to save his creation, Son tried to pick up his personal blaze, but he burned his hands. Instead he quickly swiped a branch sticking out of the fire and ran outside.
Son stared at the towering inferno like it was a tyrannosaurus come to feed. How could he defeat a force he had just discovered? In a panic, he ran around in a panic, screaming at the top of his lungs.
An hour later Father returned with some other cavemen to show off his fire, only to find it had grown alot since he left his child to take care of it. His home was pitch black and covered in soot, and Son sat the entrance looking ashamed and embarrassed. Father was about to scold his son, when Son showed him the torch he had managed to salvage in the fiasco.
The other cavemen spotted it, and their eyes lit up. They were enchanted by it, and surrounded the fire. They praised Father as they stood around it for warmth. Son handed the torch up to Father. Father was pleased, and he wrapped his arm around Son in pride. Then, when no one was looking, he gave him a firm kick right in the rear end. Son yelped in pain and dashed back into the singed cave, while his Father showed the fire off to his friends.

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