The Red Roofed Bar

May 26, 2009
By josh gonzalez BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
josh gonzalez BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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The date was about ten or twenty years ago. The red roofed bar brought in customers day and night from Somerton and Yuma. The red tiles gleamed as the sun beat down on them. The brown walls looked as if a brown Labrador was skinned and the brown skin was laid on the wall. The stone path was colorful and sturdy. The day was gloomy and humid. A storm was brewing up in a never ending sky. There was no sun. The bar’s name was The Pump House. What happened that fateful night made people avoid the bar forever.

It was late at night. The music was thumping and everybody was having a good time. A local band was playing rock n’ roll. They were a good band too. Across the room a man ordered a beer. All of a sudden, the band starts playing hardcore metallic music. The patrons start booing. One man gets up and throws a glass at the band. Being so drunk he missed and hit the wall. The man gets his beer and walks up to the stage and touches the singer on his left leg. The man suddenly disappears and everyone who noticed him vanished without a word. The booing got louder, so did the band.

The guitar fell with a thud and the music ceased to play. The patrons cheered and went on with their nacho chips and martinis. The speakers started crackling, the crackling worsened. A vibration on the floor made tables move and also people. The singer started lifting into the air slowly but surely. The crowd froze; not knowing whether or not run or stay there. The singer was still rising slowly, the people were still frozen. Suddenly the rest of the band blew up in a fire ball. The crowd was still frozen and the singer was still rising. The singer reached the air space between the floor and the ceiling. The singer’s left leg turned into a goat’s leg with a bang. The blood was oozing down his goat leg. Worms were going around it also. At this, the crowd fled in panic, yelling and screaming and soiling there pants. Tables were overthrown and glasses were shattered. Drinks spilled and chips crushed. The bar was robbed of all its liquor. As the people fled, they could hear the devil laughing.

After that, nobody knew where the singer went. Some say he’s in hell. Some say he’s lurking around dark corners and scaring children at night. Nobody has been there ever since. No ghost hunting team will go in it and look for ghosts. People who were there in the Pump House were sent to lunatic hospitals. Some, unfortunately committed suicide because of the thoughts and nightmares they had. The Pump House never comes up in discussions. It is one of the many dark secrets Yuma and Somerton have to offer. Nobody dares tear it down for fear of letting loose of whatever is in there.

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