Claws Of My Cerebrum

June 4, 2009
By babysitthekids BRONZE, Elverson, Pennsylvania
babysitthekids BRONZE, Elverson, Pennsylvania
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Maybe if I had waited just a little bit longer. Maybe if I weren’t such a human being. Maybe if I throw away days, weeks, months, years worth of memories. Maybe then I could forget that people change and forget that people leave and forget that some people just never come back around.

They say that girlfriends come and go but friends will last a life time, but I’ve found that such a statement is just one more lie fed to us through societal discharge. Friends can leave and change and float on, but they are easily forgotten. Pass them upon the street and you won’t dare to flinch. Your feelings for your friends lie flat and immobile at the very bottom of your brain.

That girl will tear through your nerves until your bones are shivering. She’ll erupt inside your central nervous system and you soon will feel the cold. Her hands will grasp that frown beautifully painted upon your face and torture it until it turns to such an upright smile.

It seems as if every time you feel as though you’ve found the best of the best, you find the real best and what you once thought was unimaginable is now nothing more than mediocre.

Days have passed. So have those weeks, those months, those years and after a while I felt as though I watch each year pass with nothing left to measure her up too. Nothing would ever compare to the wings of that angel that had perched itself permanently upon my cerebrum. And then you flew forward. The wretched bird upon my brain was soon snapped in half inside it’s cage. Your beautiful wings soared above my head, so out of reach until you so gracefully landed beside me with a look that seemed to beg for me to touch you.

Every smile that passes between the two of us caresses my insides and whispers into every pore that lines my body which aches for you so deeply. I am in love, on love, with love, conquering love and nothing can tear my love from my heart. Your beauty has crept inside my heart and entangled itself so tight that it hurts. Never let your wings soar away. Never let your claws retract themselves from my back. Never let your love waver. I could not survive alone again. Keep me close.

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