Lunch Room Problems

May 21, 2009
By NekoGirl810 SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
NekoGirl810 SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
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"The opposite of love isn't hate, its indifference."

"Man, I hate first lunch," Sophie groaned. "It always leaves me hungry."
"Suck it up," I said.
I am Emma. I am a freshman in high school. People say that I am amorous, basically a hopeless romantic. But they also say I am pernicious, only to myself though. My thoughts are usually inconsistent, one moment I'll be thinking about school work and the next I'll be thinking about butterflies. So, all-in-all, I am a very odd girl.
"I like first lunch," my goody two shoes friend, Katherine, said.
"You like anything that has to do with school," Sophie said.
"What's wrong with school?" Katherine asked, getting defensive. I tuned them out, once they got started they never stopped.
A shadow blocked out the light. I looked up and saw Steven. He has short dark hair, and eyes that look empty. The only way I can think to describe him is prodigious. But even though he's big, he's nothing but a big softy.
"Sup, Steven," I said, he nodded and sat next to Sophie. She smiled at him. Those two fit together, her sweet exterior and evil interior, and his monstrous exterior and soft interior.
I felt the air chill and looked up, Natasha had entered the building. Basically, to each other, we feel nothing but enmity and choler. Although she may have thought of me as an adversary. She always made sure to vex me, one way or another.
She glared over at me and I gave her an icy smile. Then she flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked past, acting like she owned the place.
"Man, I hate her," Katherine said.
"Who doesn't?" I said.
The people at our table began to wax, soon people were squeezed together, two to a seat.
"So, Emma," Sophie said, I looked up. I didn't like the sound of her voice, or the look on her face. "How's it going between you and Jason?" I felt my face heat up and I knew I was probably turning red.
"I've already said there's nothing between us," I said.
"Why don't we ask him?"
"No!" I tried to stop her, but it didn't work.
"Hey, Jason!" she called. "Come over here. I've got something to ask you!" He looked at his friends, shrugged and got up.
"Don't do it, Sophie," I hissed, I probably looked lethal.
"Why not, Emma?" she asked. "You've liked Jason since kindergarten. If you don't make a move now then you'll never know."
"You've liked me since kindergarten?" Jason's voice came from over near Katherine I looked at him, mortified. Before anything else could happen, I stood up and nimbly raced out of the lunch room.

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The author's comments:
I had to write this for English class and we're learning about Shakespear so some of the words might have been used wrong.

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