Ten Thousand

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

He looked over and smiled at the girl sitting in the passenger seat of his car. She was still laughing at some joke he had just made. Even though they were blazing down the interstate, each had a difficult time taking their eyes of the other. The girl’s haired was tousled as the wind slipped through the car’s open windows. Despite the cool breeze, small beads of sweat collected at their brows. They continued down the interstate surrounded by a countless number of cars- all headed in the same direction but bound to end up in different locations. The car glided off the interstate and some song continued to blare from the speakers. The boy and the girl followed signs that read “Lakewood Amphitheater” in hopes of finding their destination. As they idled through the maze of streets utterly lost, tears formed at the corners of their eyes from laughter. The girl pointed at streets they need to turn on as they passed them. After a great deal of time, the boy and the girl abandoned the car and began to walk excitedly towards the amphitheater.

As they walked, their eyes were glued to the pavilion which stood tall above the surrounding pines and stood out magnificently against the soft orange sky. People came and went into the amphitheater. People bumped into the boy and girl almost every second. The boy and girl, linked by their hands, paid little attention to the other people; they could hardly take their eyes off of each other. Slowly, they made there way through the crowd and found their seats. Opening acts played, people wandered trying to find their seats, and the sun began to darken; all the while, the boy and the girl talked and laughed with one another.

Once the moon and the stars were visible in the dark, clear sky, the performers everyone anticipated took the stage. The boy and girl allowed the band into their thoughts and turned their heads to watch the show. Ten thousand cheers swept over the amphitheater and the sweet sounds of a guitar were delivered in return. The boy and the girl danced and sang the words to each other. The ten thousand people disappeared and the boy and the girl were alone again. Their only interruption was some guy who offered them a joint and asked them to watch his stuff while he went for more beer. Three hours and an entire set list later, the lights dimmed and the cheering faded into a loud roar of talking. The boy and girl weaved their way through ten thousand people, sang their way to the car, and found their way back to the interstate. The interstate was almost entirely empty as they traveled home. They were truly alone now. However, they felt the same as when they were surrounded by ten thousand people.

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Tashan SILVER said...
on Jun. 15 2009 at 5:03 pm
Tashan SILVER, Ponderay, Idaho
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This is really cool. I loved it and it was very well written. Bravo! ;)

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