10 Colorful Splashes

May 21, 2009
By Carly Ney SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Carly Ney SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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They are the ones that go in every direction. I am the only one who can follow them. 10 colorful splashes with solid pedestals and wild wings like me. 10 explosions of ones soul. 10 may happen but vary in size, time, and color. When the sky turns to angry they miss the joy at their feet.

There meaning is a mystery. A calm surface is broken; to retaliate they swallow the droplet and rise with ferocity spreading their rippling finger tips all around them. This is how

If one forgets his reason for being, they’d all rise with the absence of color, each forgotten how and why their there. Burst, burst, burst splashes when I need life. This is how they give life.

Let one forget his reason for being, they’d all burst all day like fireworks, each starting with a streaming object and explode into different wonders. They surprise.

When I am too quiet and dull to keep bursting, when I am a calm surface waiting to be broken. When there is nothing to be excited for anymore. 10 who surprise no matter the circumstances. 10 who burst and never quiet. 10 who’s only reason is to awake me.

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