May 20, 2009
By jake krause GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
jake krause GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Clanking his pitcher of a belly on the sides of the shiny new elevator the Kool-Aid Man wobbled in. He says, “Hello” to the frail curled up man in the corner. The man doesn’t answer. The Kool-Aid Man tries again; “Hey there buddy, what’s your name?”
“Gandhi,” the old man says.
“Oh yeah? I’ve heard about you before. Aren’t you the guy who went on a hunger strike?”
“Yes I am” he says with eyes closed in deep concentration. The elevator opens again and the Gingerbread man enters.
“Hi everybody!”
“Hello,” say Gandhi and the Kool-Aid Man. Resuming his conversation the Kool-Aid Man says, “Well after not eating for so long you’ve got to be a little thirsty. Come on, Drink me! Oh Yeah!”
“Wow you’re Gandhi aren’t you? You sure are skinny. Come on take a bite out of me, it’ll make you feel better.”
“No thank you,” Gandhi says as he glances over at the elevator lights to see what floor they’re on. A look of uneasiness comes over him as he realizes the lights are off and the elevator is stopped.
“What’s wrong?” says the gingerbread man as he notices Gandhi’s’ face.
“We’re stuck”
“Well Mr. Skinny man since it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting out of here anytime soon you mid-as-well take a nice gulp out of me. Just look at me. How could you not want some of this grape drink?”
“Or a bite out of my cinnamon and frosting covered gingerbread body?”
“No,” Gandhi says opening his eyes looking between the two. “I’ve gone 3 weeks without eating, I’m not worried.”
“That’s cause you never had the option of this high quality grapey goodness.” The Kool-Aid man laughs.
“I bet you’ve never had a cookie as sweet and delicious as me. Come on, no one has to know.”
“Alright alright, as long as you leave me alone I’ll take one sip out of him and one bite out of you.”
“Alright!” The Kool-Aid Man says. “Let’s do it.”
Just as Gandhi takes a bite of The Gingerbread man the elevator doors spring open revealing hidden cameras and an audience of people.
“O I’m sorry Gandhi, but I guess you lose. You were on our secret game show, Fight The Temptation if only you could have gone 3 more hours without giving in you would have gotten this all inclusive trip to America! Thanks for playing and remember next time folks, “Fight The Temptation!”

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