the smoking elevator

May 20, 2009
By Sandra Wild GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Sandra Wild GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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"Go on (song)," Jack Johnson says with a whispering voice to James Bond who is leaning to the purple elevator wall.
"My name is Bond, James Bond (famous sentence in the movie)." He announces with a strong loud voice that Jack Johnson looks at him immediately.
"Oh, if i had eyes (song) I would have known you, I am sorry. My name is Jack Johnson," he looks up with big open eyes to Bond and hopes he knows who
he is, "you know Jack Johnson...the singer...?" His voice gets quitter.
"For sure do I know you. You are a Goldfinger (movie title) with your music. It's excellent."
Jack starts to smile and there is no other way (song) to smile at this moment.
Suddenly smoke comes out of the top of the elevator.
Both of them jump into the corner almost crashing in each other.
"A cat, a black cat is falling down the elevator, step back!" Bond screams at Johnson and in the same moment he is putting
away puts his gun he pulls out when he noticed something would happen.
"Hello gentleman, could you excuse me for the scary fall of mine here in this... ouch..dirty place, I am Salem the cat of Sabrina the teenage witch."
"H..h..e..ll..o." says Johnson with a hardly audible voice."Sitting, waiting, wishing..." He is mumbling in his none existing beard.
"Calm down, you are a guy and that is just a cat who can talk." Bond is trying to calm the situation.
"Does somebody in here maybe have a brush? My hair cut is totally destroyed from the wind outside?" Salem asks while cleaning his cat fingers with his tongue.
"I was planning on going to Florida to the beach to look at the sexy woman in their bikinis but my magic didn’t work right." he continues slowly.
"Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean I just came back from a nice trip and I got to know several women." Bond says.
"I wish I would have Banana Pancakes (song) here that would help me a lot." Johnson says still standing in the corner of the elevator.
"Okay, I see you don't appreciate my company. I will just try to use my magic to get to Florida. It Was nice talking with you." Says Salem.
The smoke comes out of the top again and as fast as he came he is away.
*Bim, bam boum*
The elevator stops at floor number 9.
"It's your floor." Bond is showing the exit with his finger to Johnson who is still standing in the corner with big eyes not believing what just happened to him.
"Oh...thhaankkss…”He exits the elevator, with a dazed expression on his face.

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