The Loud Mouth

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Mr. Loud Mouth,

How are you doing? That is a dumb question to ask considering you have probably told everybody you have ever met the answer to this question before they even asked you it. For your information, I CAN’T stand you. Every time you are in the room with me or anybody else you just feel the need to dominate everything and let everybody know how you feel on the topic. Problem for you is, nobody cares what you have to say anymore because you are always trying to talk over everybody else.

Lately, you have been louder than ever and very relentless until you get your point across. In case you didn’t know, people are beginning to not respect you anymore because of what you have to always say. Even if you are involved in a conversation that doesn’t strike you emotionally or ethically you have to butt in and make yourself clear. However, you have done all of this to yourself. You have unearned yourself respect, which until I met you, I didn’t know it was possible to do. But you always make the impossible possible don’t you, especially to prove a point that you know you are wrong on but you just have to beat the other person to prove that you are correct. I really can’t stand you.

On the bright side, I really hope that you can get yourself out of this rut. All you need to do is….. not talk so much. Pretty simple right! I’m glad I can help you out, even though I’m not. Thanks for your time.

Sally the Silent,
Sally the Silent

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