Las Angeles A mess

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Capture the animals Chapter 1
One day when I doing night shift at the zoo I saw a cage open. I peeked

inside to see if it was a trap or maybe a lion got loose. I ran and saw it was

an orangutan cage. I got up and looked around to see if it was gone and sure

enough it was right next to the gate. It unfortunately got out of the zoo. I ran

and found a screw driver next to the gate. I should have known to be more

careful, orangutans are the smartest animals. I took the screw driver and hid

it in my pocket and rant to the city. I ran and saw that the orangutan was on

top of the subway. I got on top of the subway and then I was about to catch

it until a sharp turn came and it flew me off guard. I got off and did the long

exhausting 2 mile walk to central station. When I got their, it was gone.

Great now that the orangutan is gone my job is done for. I looked in my

pocket and discovered 2 things. 1) my phone is and 2) My screw driver is

gone. Now what do I do. I walked out and saw the orangutan on The staple

center big screen. I went in and saw him on Pau’s shoulder. I asked him to

give him to me and he said yes. Then I took the orangutan back to the zoo.

When I went back The animals were all out of their cages running around.

I called for back up on my pay phone and I got the whole swat team to come

up. That night we caught 33 animals and over some 250 still out there. Now

the president of L.A. came and told me that these animals needed to be

found by October 26. Or else we will all get fired. Everyone then gave me

faces. The next day I walked downtown and found a lion. I gave it the cop

and he came and got the swat team. After that I found a newspaper article on

me. It went like this.
Zoo Animals Loose all over L.A.

Today we found out that all of the animals have been gone out of their cages

and on our streets. Thanks to Andre our night watcher at the zoo left a screw

driver in an orangutan cage. And now he led all his animals out of the zoo.

“We don’t care if he gets fired at all. All we care about is making our city

safe again. Today 37 were caught and over 200 are still out their. There is a

reward to all you citizens. For every animal you find you get 10 dollars. So

come on citizens and let’s bring those animals back to safety.

After I read that I got caught stares at me all day. So now the pres came and

told me to go to court. I had to go to court in a 500 dollar suit suck and I

didn’t even own it. The judge and jury was very mean to me and told me I

had to do 600 hours of community service after this was all over.

After that I went outside and got half eaten burger s thrown at me and

smoothes also. I ignored that and went to my apartment. I found a lion and a

orangutan and a tiger all on my furniture. The orangutan gave me an evil

smile and threw my 51 inch TV. out of the window. I got angry and then the

Lion came and roared at me. He saw I was mad and tore up my bed while

the tiger came and tore up my couches. And he tore up my shower curtain

and radio. Great so now I can’t listen to my favorite band LTJ. So now I

had to live with an orangutan and to farouche wildebeest. After that I went

to Pau’s

beastly Restaurant. I saw my old Girlfriend their and unfortunately I got

served by her. She got up on their stage and told jokes about me.

Embarrassing. Not even close, She made then Everyone point and laugh at

me. She said after all that fun I did not have to pay the bill. Great I walked

to my apartment and tried talking animal to them. While I was doing that the

media came and herd all about that. They came to my door and herd that

noise and asked me questions. I told them nothing and shut the door on

them. Then one guy screamed and said he would twist the story around. I

then turned on the TV. and saw an add for a movie. Then that add was about

me. I fell asleep on the ground and woke up at 10 o’clock. I saw a whole

pooch of people outside my apartment yelling at me. I got the lion and the

tiger to come and they handled everything. Then about 30 minutes later the

swat team came and told me I had to find 27 animals by the end of the day. I

was up till 3 a.m. I went and saw 4 penguins on the L.A. I tried to ice skate to get them and I fell over. I then made a joke about me. I then noticed I fell right on top of the camera crew. They told me that I was

spouse to be followed by them until everything here was cleaned up. They

even Had Barrack Clean to this. Great so now I’m guessing that will be in

the movie. I stopped got the penguins and finished my work and left to my

apartment. The next day I had to do the same thing and I kept giving the

crew mean looks. Things kept going like this for the rest off the summer.

By the end I found every animal except for 3.

(Tony the Tiger and Simba the Lion And Starbury the Orangutan.) The next

I was put in Jail and the officer gave me an article about me.

All animals found And Andre In Jail.
Today all the animals have been found and are now put in the zoo back to

where they belong. After this terrible Incident which happened by Andre the

zoo keeper ant our zoo. Is now put to a stop. Andre is put in jail by animal

kidnapping animals. He is expected to be out of jail in 5 years and is then

expected to do 600 hours of community service. The movie Screwing L.A. is

based on him and he is played by Paul Blart. The movie hops into theaters

on Christmas Day. After I read that the cop posit in my cell and has it

thumb nailed so I cant even rip It in half. Now I am in jail and I am between

The big show 600 pound beast. And the kale A giant. Each day they punch

my walls and poke their fingers in holes and give me wet willies. I can’t do

any thing about it though. I tried and told the officer and he and I thought

the conversation was done but really it got worse. When we had to go and

clean up the lake They shoved me in the water and the cops stood their and

laughed. Each day then I had to deal with this. After all of that is done I

will be free and do my community service. But until that day comes I am

now in for trouble.

The author's comments:
I made this piece up by my science teacher whop gave me the idea.

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