Kimchi's Adventure

May 21, 2009
By Joey Knapp BRONZE, Mattawan, MI, Michigan
Joey Knapp BRONZE, Mattawan, MI, Michigan
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“Where is Kimchi going?” asked Kimchi's mom.

“He didn't say.”

“He just said he'd be back in 10 days,” declared Kimchi's dad.

It was a bright warm, and sunny the the sun was beaming down through the forest. Creating a slight breeze with just enough power to make the green trees sway, deep in the forest lay a little mushroom house, with the golden sun shining down onto it, now in this house lives a family of squirrels, one a little boy named Kimchi, another one just a little baby girl name Josephina, and a mom and dad squirrel.

One day Kimchi thought to himself, What if I just left out on an adventure to explore the forest. Kimchi packed his bags and started on his adventure without even telling his mom.

“Where is Kimchi going?” asked Kimchi's mom. “He didn't say he just said he'd be back in 10 days.” and that was that Kimchi was off on his journey and he was to return in 10 days.

Day 1: Kimchi was walking into the forest and noticed that it was turning dark, luckily he was near a cave, he was a little scared but he knew that this is where the boys were separated from men, Kimchi quietly crawled into the cave nervously with every step, he kept hearing echoes. A couple days later Kimchi was walking through the forest when he came to a bridge. On the bridge there was an ogre named Natsua. Natsua wasn't the type of ogre that you would normally think of, Natsua was a small and very weak ogre. The only way to pass the bridge was to defeat Natsua. So Kimchi walked over there and started wrestling Natsua, Right when Kimchi thought he was going to die he reversed it and threw Natsua off the bridge and watched him sail down and down until finally he hit his head and cracked open his head and floated down the river. Now Kimchi could finally continue his journey to find peace in his life. It was the final day of his journey so now he just had to make it back home without finding trouble but then he came up to the bridge, now there was one problem there were two ogres at the bridge, one was Gary and the other was named Harry Kimchi ran up to the bridge and They tried to tackle him but Kimchi jumped over them and kept running. They followed him until they fell into a trap that Kimchi made near the cave to catch food. Then Kimchi ran all the way home to his house in the middle of the forest.

` The air was moist, fresh and calm the birds were chirping. Kimchi's parents were at his house door ready for him to come in, and Kimchi thought to himself, wow I am so glad I could experience this journey!

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