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May 19, 2009
By Preciouspakii SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Preciouspakii SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The sun was shining like sunflowers blooming. My name is Karolina Deylon, I am from Puerto Rico. Currently, I am 15-years-old and still living on Gibb street. I have an aristocratic face shape and hazel eyes. I only know that because that’s what everyone says. I only have three friends Kim, Virgil, and Ana. I had another one named Elizabeth but she wasn’t fond of us, so now, she is like my other ordinary friend who I rarely see.

I have very delightful friends do you know why? Virgil is a fifth grade student, but she is a street wised person so she knows when it’s a good or bad time to talk to strangers. And I think that’s helpful indeed. Ana knows everyone who lives within’ the 86 windows of the buildings. Kim is the starter of our friendship and the garden. Isn’t that really cool?

“ Hey what’s up?” Kim asked me. “Nothing much just the same old.” I loudly responded. We saw that Ana and Virgil were waiting for us, so we headed towards them rapidly. At the garden Ana started blabbing about how we should stick together. I always thought that Ana would never come up with a cool idea. “ I have a exciting idea, I think we should meet everyone in the garden. What do you guys think?” Ana said eagerly waiting for us to answer. Me and Virgil were whispering to each other and agreed. First, we met Curtis and Gonazlo. Later we met Wendell and Lateesha ( very delightful to have as someone who visits’ the garden). Later we met every single one if them.
The next morning some new girl moved to the neighborhood. I went outside eagerly to greet her. “ Hey loser, want to compete against the champion me? The winner will be whoever’s plant grows taller, unless you’re a wimp. Deal or no deal?” She screamed from across the street. “ Ok, let the games begin.” I angrily yelled at her. “ Also, fyi my name is Urooj Karim.” Oh yeah, Urooj Karim, that name rings a bell. She was my worst nemesis because, she got left back 3 times. Do you believe that?

The next day I bought a pack of tomato for the plantation, a shovel, and a bucket of water. I planted it in the middle of the garden. I saw Urooj planting tomato seeds too. It was the end of July and through out August we met often. At the end of August, we looked at each others plant and guess what? I WON! But I realized that winning doesn’t matter. It’s all about the fun we have. I told her about how its about the fun and all the boring stuff. Then I gave her a huge smile. So I decided that I should give then plant to the homeless guy when the plant is fully grown. Me and my friends grew more plants for the neighbor hood. I quit the attitude and changed to a calm and helpful person.

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