Stuck In The Elevator

May 19, 2009
By Elise Fischer SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Elise Fischer SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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On the sixth floor of the Hilton, the Spice Girls are impatiently tapping their stilettos, reapplying their lip gloss, and popping their gum as they stand around for five minutes waiting for the elevator. As the elevator arrives, "Canned Heat" is blasting through the doors, and as the squeking doors open, the Spice Girls jaws drop as they spot Napolean Dynamite busting some dance moves.
"Where are you headed Napolean?" Baby Spice seductively says as the girls strut their way into the rusty elevator.
"I'm going to get my chap stick, gosh," says Napolean. "Where are you guys headed?"
"We have a concert downtown tonight, you should come sugar," says Sporty Spice.
"OH NO! I forgot my little Gucci dress," Posh frantically jumps towards the elevator buttons and jabs her finger into the number six button.
The elevator immediately comes to a halt as the passengers plummet onto to the shaggy brown carpet. Napolean flees onto his feet and begins to pound on the elevator door.
"Geez Posh! Why did you have to do that?" says Mel B.
"Sorry ladies, I really need my little Gucci dress."
Napolean Dynamite begins to throw punches at the door screaming to escape the elevator. The Spice Girls stare with their mouths opened wide enough for flies to enter.
"So, umm, what do we do girls," says Scary Spice.
Baby Spice is curled up in a ball in the corner of the elevator. Her eyes get huge as she sees the emergency phone hanging on the wall. "Guys, I think it like might be smart to use the emergency phone."
Sporty Spice picks up the phone and after three rings help answers.
"Bob the Builder Help Line. How may i assist you today?" says Bob the Builder.
"So, umm, were like totally stuck in the elevator at the Hilton man," Sporty Spice says as she twirls her curly black hair around her finger.
"No need to worry. We can fix it!"
"Just say you'll be there Bob, we really need to get out."
"Umm, like how long is it gunna be, we like have a show tonight," says Baby Spice.
As Baby Spice pops her gum they hear someone knocking on the rusty doors of the elevator. Bob the Builder has arrived.
"Does it look like you can fix it? I really need my chap stick." Napolean stares blank-faced at the elevator doors.
"Yes we can!"
After tightening the broken screws and rewiring the broken wires the elevator was fixed by none other than Bob the Builder.
"Thank you so much Bob, without your help we would have missed our Saturday Night Divas concert," the Spice Girls collectively thank Bob.
As the Spice Girls are strutting out of the elevator Napolean pushes them over in a hurry. "Ugh sorry guys, I forgot to feed Tina," Napolean sprints away in his moon boots.
"sorry, Bob, we have to go, but if you want to spice up your life come to our concert downtown tonight. Thanks again. Bye, Bob!"

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