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May 19, 2009
By Chris Buelow SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Chris Buelow SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Chris is an 18 year old on his senior year in high school. The effort for any school work is close to depletion. Senioritis has infected this poor soul. He is trucking along his path to the finish line (graduation). From there, Chris will pursue his path to chemistry equilibrium. A flow of where knowledge enters and innovation is revealed. Chris wants to make it clear that this is not a desire for money or power. Only inspiration to explore the unknown will satisfy his taste.
Chris does enjoy writing on an occasion. His writing style is abstract; he likes to take normal dreams and object, but only to twist them in the end. Most readers do not see this strange twist coming. They snicker and remark at how strange it may seem. Chris’s writing is unnoticed, he only writes when necessary. Begging him to write will only encourage him not to write.

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