Feeling Cold

May 19, 2009
By Zach Hamer SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Zach Hamer SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Everything was black, there was nothing and then the pain of shattered glass erupted the veins leading to the thumping heart. I was like a broken window pain and my arms were heavy waits. Densely I dragged my body closer to the phone. One movement after the other I felt I would have to stop but the phone was my only hope to stop this puzzling thing. The phone felt heavy in my sweaty hands they shook from the loss of blood. I punched the numbers 9-1-1 far too slowly. Although groaning I made myself clear enough to receive clarification. As I was waiting I slid from the wall to the cold floor that felt wet on my scald skin. I was getting weaker every second. My head was spinning so fiercely nothing made sense the room wasn’t mine and I was thinking of a better place. The door burst open, the last thing I could remember was the pounding beat the door made through the floor. Pain pounded my chest, but the fact that I could feel anything was a relief to me. I was falling, back where I started… in complete nothingness like where the non believers go when they pass. The electric shock made the hairs on my arm stand up straight. Then the flat wooden floor melted into the ark of my back and I was soon comfortable. I opened my eyes and the blur formed into something familiar, my giant inflatable monkey. My blanky was over my chest that continued to swell with numbness.

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