How Santa is different from other adults

May 19, 2009
By Jasmine Washington SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
Jasmine Washington SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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Santa is different from all adults in many ways, but the main way is the fact that HE ISNT REAL!

All other adults that I know and have ever met, I can and have seen them. Santa on the other hand, looks the way people THINK he will look.

Other than Santa being “imaginary” he is also intoned with the wants of children, he know exactly what they wants and finds a way to give it to them. Normal adults have to ask and be told what kids want for Christmas.

Santa even keeps a list of whose been Naughty or Nice and he checks it TWICE! That’s more than what I can say for other adults, who just ask “have you been Naughty or Nice this year” knowing that all children think that no matter what they do they deserve to be on the Nice list.

Santa seems to be a kid at heart, while adults grow up. I guess that’s why most kids love Santa and Christmas.

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