Trapped In The Elevator

May 19, 2009
By Alyssa Deprez GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alyssa Deprez GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“Hehehehehe,” an ear piercing giggle came from the back corner of the elevator. “I’m ready, I’m ready, “I’m ready,” Spongebob said as he pulled his spatula out of his back pocket and into his right hand. Looking into the mirror above the shiny, silver buttons, Spongebob said, “I can’t wait to go jelly fishing,” as he talked to himself. DING, the doors with Spongebob’s reflection opened and a sound of high heels tapping against the floor got louder as Elle Woods walked into the elevator. “Where are you off to my new best friend?”
“I’m going to Harvard,” the young peppy girl said with confidence, “my resume shows a 4.0 in design classes.”
“Impressive,” the square sponge as he let out another, “hehehe.” DING, the elevator doors opened on floor number two.
A man with long hair pulled back by a bandana and rum smelling clothes trotted into the elevator as he screamed, “remember this day as the time when you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.” Jack Sparrow immediately stepped toward the young girl in the corner. Moving his mouth close to the girl’s ear, he said, “have you ever heard of the Black Pearl?”
An abrupt sound came from outside the elevator. The red light on the elevator screen started to flash. All were calm.
Elle, rummaging through her bright pink handbag, dropped her tube of lipstick. The young woman bends and snaps as she picks up her lipstick. Spongebob said, “Elle, can you show me that move again?”
“Bennnnd, and snap! It’s the perfect way to get anyone’s attention.” She showed the move a few more times until Spongebob understood it.
“Ha, I’m a captain, I don’t need to ‘bend and snap’ to get someone’s attention. I’ve got my ship and crew.”
“Hehehe, you know Jack, I was watching jelly fishing with Patrick the other day and I heard a secret about you. Patrick said that Mr. Crabs said that Plankton said that he took over your ship and you went stranded on an island with no food or water.”
“It’s my ship and I will get it back,” as he turned he shoulder to the bright yellow square in the corner. Looking at Elle, a smile crossed his face.
“C’mon Jack, If I can do it, you can do it,” she said as she continuously tapped her foot to the sound of her hum.
Jack pointed out his left foot, slowly bent his back downward and said, “Bennd and Snap.”

The elevator began moving as they approached ground level. Spongebob walked out with his grin on his face “accidentally” dropping his pencil near Sandy. Jack sprinted out of the hotel, fearful of getting hanged by Englishman and Elle strutted her stuff all the way to Harvard to get her boyfriend back.

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