Trapped In An Elevator

May 19, 2009
By Jonathan Block GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jonathan Block GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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“Wat iz going on?” Arnold slammed his fist into the wall. “I need to get to the hotel vorkout room so I can sculpt my guns!”
“Don’t worry Governator; I will enact a plan that will get us out of this elevator in no time. But it might take a while to get through the House, and subsequently, the Senate too,” said Barack as Arnold stared at him with trying eyes.
“This is no big deal for my favorite Pokémon: I choose you Pikachu!” Ash Ketchum said, “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!”
As the argument ensued, the men were delayed by the charring of everything in the elevator via Pikachu’s thunderbolt attack. Arnold was hitting everything with his enormous guns, and Barack seemed so indecisive in the corner while he texted on his Blackberry. The men were getting restless when they stumbled upon an epiphany.
“I got it.” Ash said, “I think we should use this berry I found in the forest outside of Pewter City. I looked in my Pokédex and it said that we could be turned into Pokémon ourselves. Which one would you be guys?”
“Well I’m not at liberty to answer that question technically; in this case, though, I think Ditto. He’s soft, and can change into anything he wants. I would be a goof Pokémon; my first attack would be to pull all of the troops out of Iraq.” Barack said as Ash listened intuitively to every word from three inches away from Barack’s face.
“Well guyz, I’d have to say Machamp. He is musculaaa, guud with the ladies, and most important, he is musculaaa! Wait, did I say that already?” Arnold said, “I mean c’mon, we’re just a couple of guyz. I would beat the crap out of any Pokémon that came in my vicinity.”
“Alright guys, good answers. All you have to do now, as you eat the berry, is imagine yourself as that Pokémon. Remember, just stay focused,” Ash said as they twirled into a burst of random colors and cheesy Anime music.
As the men twirled away into ridiculous animated fun, the life outside them ceased to exist, which was evident by the way The Governator couldn’t stop laughing. The other men started laughing too, but only when Arnold huddled in the corner like a sissy as he injected the next batch of HGH into his massive body. And as the men twirled into this euphoric state of utopia, they realized that life as a Pokémon would be much different than they expected.

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