May 19, 2009
By John Sellers BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
John Sellers BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Saturday morning is the time for Trevor to relieve himself from the week before, and sip on his daily black coffee in his beige armchair. The 10 o’clock news is still reporting the missing girl and the Tuesday shooting of Martha Robinson. He sighed heavily, could the news get any obnoxious? Riiiiiing ring, “The Forensic Science Department would like to speak to you” yelled his wife Tracey as she dropped her pancakes. Confused, never has the department called him on his day off.

“G-go-good d-d-da-ay isn’t it T-Trevor?” stuttered a voice, “Yeah, great day, why did you called so suddenly for Howard?” assuming it was Howard, since he always stuttered in his conversations, “Well, about nine this m-mo-mo-morning we received a call from an elderly lady, sh-s-she seemed speak with a n-n-ner-nerv-nervous tone, anyways she had told us right outside the Wal-Mart on Walnut St. a women was found h-h-h-h-han-hang-hanging from a t-t-t-tr-tree” he explained and paused, then added “we need you and your crew to investigate into this, we will explain the details when the rest of the crew is here”, “Right I’ll be at the headquarters, quicker than you can say headquarters” Trevor replied quickly and hung up.

He explained everything to his wife and told her he would be back no later than six for their Saturday movie night. The headquarters, or Danville Police Station, was right around the corner, it took no more than ten minutes. During his vital ten minutes he had, the news came on through the radio. He slammed his fist into the horn so hard; he startled Mrs. Ficks and her dog Fifi from a block away. Sick and angry of the news, he hopped out and flipped the switch on the telephone pole and soon was sinking into cold, misty headquarters.

The crew was already sitting down, jotting down notes, memorizing the notes, and muttering to one another. “Alright, the lady hanging from a tree is not a surprise, but as always we must investigate and find the idiot who did this and chain them up” a couple laughs came among the crew. “This is serious business, dude!” joked Martell, everyone looked at Martell with a look of boredom. Trevor wacked him with the file of papers, “Shut up, you seriously need to get a new sense of humor” he said sternly. Howard came in tripping over cords, papers, chairs, everything in his way, “Sir, another reporting has been heard from a young man, he recalls he saw a small girl hanging from the sign hanging over the old candy shop, when he looked up to see the jet show” he finally said quickly without stuttering. Everyone sighed, and many rolled their eyes. “Who’s going to be next to being hung, Rylie, huh?” Martell laughed, and Rylie shot a glare at him. Trevor rummage through the storage closet and passed everything to every crew member for the crime scene on Walnut St.

“Off to the cars, Martell, Rylie, Trisha, and Luis take the van, the rest hop into your cars.” Rylie seemed to want to complain but he walked away quick enough. Trevor yelled into the mic and told everyone to be at the Wal-Mart on Walnut St, how foolish was it of him to forget the most important part of the investigation? Most of the crew was there and the news reported trying to break through the caution tape. Coroners were already examining the body for possible clues, taking fingerprints for the scanning, and the usual things they do. He noticed Luis was trying to flip over the corpse, he helped Luis pulled the corpse over. Luis explained how he notice a pool of dried blood near the back of her body and thought there might be something on her back. A Coroner named Jack Newman came over and declared there were initials of MRG. Quizzical looks came among everyone.

The first to speak was Trevor “Wait, if two woman were found hanging in a matter of one day, then the same idiot hung the other women” he said to himself quietly with a mysterious tone. Kicking the corpse back over to the front side of the woman, the coroners scurried back to work. “Load up! See you guys at the candy shop on Northview Rd.” bellowed Trevor, some people had to cover their ears.

Traffic seemed to be building up, it was backed up all the way from Rolland Blvd, Trevor clicked on the mic, and spoke “Traffic, will be there late”. One hour past and finally he was out of car onto the crime scene. Again, more coroners were dissecting or inspecting the body, it didn’t matter, he just wanted to get this over with. Luis explained again seeing the initials, but the only difference was that it was on her arm, “MRG”. It seemed forever until they declared she had been hanged then shot in the stomach twice and mangled. A thin, tall, shy-looking coroner gave Trevor the evidences.

Back in the headquarters, to be exact the Forensic Science Department, people were working, explaining things, eating, and just about almost every activity in the world. Meanwhile, Trevor was in his private office, checking out the fingerprints and sipping on his water while the computer list possible matches of the “idiot”. 10 minutes later, the download completed, and there were two possible matches. He called in Rylie and Linda. He showed them everything and ordered them to go house of Maria Ronnie Gonzalez and apartment of Matthew Roger Goreman. Maria had a clean record, but Matthew had been caught selling illegal drugs on the Mexico border and had one DUI. To dismay, this wasn’t enough to prove who did it. What seemed like hours, Rylie and Linda came back with Maria and Matthew. Matthew was dark-haired, tall, fat, and had what Trevor thought a foul scent of trash. Tina on the other hand was a red hair short, albino women whose bones were very visible

“Seen these ladies before, eh?” snapped Trevor, the two of them shuffle their feet and shook their heads, neither of them seemed to have a slight interest. “Alright, whatever I’m questioning you Mrs. Gonzalez first, Matthew sit out there, and Rylie don’t be dumb and watch Matthew.” “Mrs. Gonzalez, you have a clean record, but you best tell me, where were you at around eight in the morning?” he said calmly, “Err, uh, oh yeah…I was doing my daily grocery shopping, never would I have any desire to hang that lady and shoot her, detective” she said nervously, “The story sounds too fraud Mrs. Gonzalez, please tell more”, “Okay, well I went from the grocery store straight home, and had my daily walk for couple miles, but that doesn’t mean I was convicted of murdering those ladies!” she screamed for once.

Minutes past, Trevor was getting his temper up, “Then explain why, I found this in your house?” he turned on the recorder and he replayed the message twice. It was a recording of Maria, talking with her husband about she would be back soon, and her husband warned not to bring those “things” with her. “Mrs. Gonzalez, I’m afraid your under arrest of hanging two ladies, and allegedly shooting them after their death, because my associates did not find anything suspicious in Matthew’s apartment, but your husband knew to be the honest one and told Rylie and Linda the real story” Trevor said smartly. “Nooooooo, my kids, my family, what will they do without me, I hate you and your stupid people, I didn’t do it!” she said as she cried a flood and continued to enrage and curse at Trevor, and explain she wasn’t the suspect. “Matthew, we are terribly sorry of accusing you, but you are free to go” Rylie said excitedly and winked at him. Matthew screamed in joy and ran out, faster than a roadrunner. In seconds, Maria was locked up in her cells, which she wouldn’t be leaving for years.

That night, he invited his crew to go to the movies with his wife and celebrate afterwards at The Ok Café. Nothing could be better than solving a crime in one day, Trevor thought to himself, and it sure was too easy to solve. Everyone was abnormally chatty, and when it time to go, they were too exhausted to even go, so they spent the night in the old, crusty motel down the road from the café.

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