The Eventful Elevator

May 19, 2009
By Alex Broderick SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alex Broderick SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Ding! The elevator door opens at the Holiday Inn, and lil' Wanye strolls in and pushes the 20th floor button to go up to his room after a long day in the studio. He stares at the blinking numbers as the elevator changes floors. At three, the lights stops and the door opens. "Hey, who you be?" Wayne says.

"Well, I...I...I'm John Madden, who are you?"

"I'm me! I'm Weezy F Baby, the best rapper alive. What floor are you going to?"

Madden stumbles out, "Umm.... the 19th floor. If..if you hit the button "19", the elevator will take you to th...the 19th floor, I believe."

Wayne says, "Man, this elevator music sucks, we need some hustler's musik."

"I..I couldn't agree more, you m..might want to tell the manager about this"
The elvevator goes up for half a minute and stops at the 15th floor. The door opens and the southern accented George W. Bush awaits. "Hello fellow compadres. Goin' Up?"

"Yeah, we goin' up. Where I'm from, we call you somethin different. You be Georgia Bush." The door closes and the elelvator goes up..16..17.. Right between the 17th and 18th floor, a screeching noise impairs their hearing for a brief moment, the elevator lights flicker, and then silence.

"I..I believe that something might be wrong with this eee..elevator" Madden says while not even being phased by the disturbance.

"Yo, we stuck! The doors won't open and the buttons be stuck." Wayne mutters.

George scrambles and says, "Ohh no, no. Let me brainificate the situation, I am the President of America."

Lil Wayne has a derranged look on his face. "Ahhh...I feel like dying." The three of them wait in the elevator for an hour until Wayne perks his head up and says, "Shhh...the fireman comin."

"Wait....d..d..does that mean that we will be rescued?" Madden says.

"Oh I think so. Oh boy, Laura is gonna kill me." Bush says.
The lights come back on and the elevator powers up and starts working again. When the doors open, Al Michaels is standing there waiting for John.

"Do you believe in miracles? YES!"

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