The Unlucky (Lucky) Week

May 19, 2009
By Lorin Blackburn BRONZE, La Monte, Missouri
Lorin Blackburn BRONZE, La Monte, Missouri
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I’ve always been lucky! I mean half of my friends call me lucky as a nickname, but this certain week my luck must have run out. This is totally weird because Samantha Males is always lucky. Well, it started on Monday when I woke up, I usually wake up about 6:30 but I when I looked at my clock it was 9:00. I totally missed 1st period! It was strange my dad didn’t wake me; he never lets me sleep in. I grabbed my blueberry muffin, jumped into my baby blue convertible mustang, and headed to school.

I got to school and rushed into Mr. Wilson’s biology class. The old fart counted me absent. When I got to the office the principal Mrs. La Forage gave me a huge hug and said, “Oh honey how brave of you to come at such a horrible time.”
Confused I said, “What’s going on?”
“Oh honey your boyfriend Luke Applebee was in a car crash last night on his way home from work. Didn’t you kn…..” she would have finished but I had fainted. Fainted! I never faint! Not even when my mom died 4 years ago. I awoke in the nurse’s office and screamed that I needed to go to the hospital. I had to see Luke we had been going out for 3 years and I had to see him. Mrs. La forage told me she would drive me because the nurse said I shouldn’t drive in my condition. What ever my condition was!
When I arrived at the hospital my dads assistant Connie Cars meet me at the door and said, “thank god you’re here your dad needs you.”
“What!!!” I screamed.
“Your housekeeper found him on the bathroom floor this morning, he had a heart attack!” Connie said looking nervous. No way my dad had a heart attack he is the best heart surgeon in Chicago. This was so not my day. I debated on witch I should go to first and decided on my dad. When I got to my dads room and saw that weak figure there I almost fainted again. “Sam” he whispered. Then in a strong stern voice that had to be hard to do by the way he looked he said, “Samantha you need to get to Luke now he needs you more.” I went to Luke’s room but couldn’t force my self to go in. I couldn’t see my strong football player boyfriend looking weak. That I just couldn’t handle. The doctor came out and told me Luke was in a coma. I started to cry and then went to call my aunt Mona. When Mona got there I went home to get some rest.

As I drove on to our street I saw a whole bunch of police cars and fire trucks. I was thinking poor people and then I realized I was the people. As I got out of my car a cop tried to stop me but I pushed past. My house was already burnt to the ground. I was about to turn around when a figure ran out of the smoke and trampled me to the ground. It was my dog sandy. Thank goodness she survived. I couldn’t have handled that on top of everything.

Tuesday morning I got up and found a bunch of faces staring at me. It was my friends; they brought me a bunch of trash bags full of cloths. I ran into Luke’s parents at the hospital, they said I should go see Luke. I said I couldn’t and went to see my dad. I couldn’t get myself to tell my dad that our house burn down. I would hurt him more. I was going home when the nurse stopped me. She said my dad had another heart attack. The doctors said to go home there was nothing I could do but pray. I went to the nearest church and sat in the back pew. A minister named John Peter came and asked, “I’ve never seen you here before, and may I help you.”

I started crying and said, “My boyfriend is in a coma, my dad has had 2 heart attacks with-in the last 48 hours, my house burnt down and the doctor said all I could do was pray.” He prayed out loud for me and told me about church services on Sunday. He also gave me a bible because he thought it would help.

The next day I drove to the hospital and my dads surgery had to be postponed because someone had something wrong with them bla bla blah bla bla blah. I called Stephanie and she skipped school to come with me to my mom’s grave. I asked Stephanie when we got there if she believed in god.
She said, “Yes, I have all my life, its not so much as believing as it is a feeling. It’s awesome, I know he is there for me and I feel him there beside me helping me threw tough times.” We prayed together and when I got home I opened the bible to Romans 21:4 “But when Jesus returns he promised to wipe away ever tear from their eyes.”

On Thursday I went to my grandmas and she spent the whole time talking me into going to see Luke. I got to the hospital and walked into Luke’s room. I saw his feet and ran out. I still couldn’t look at his face. The next day I went to school. Mr. Wilson wasn’t mad for a change when I was tardy. After class he told me to stay and I was sure it was because I was tardy but he said’ “Sam we're all so proud of you, but you shouldn’t have come to school when your family needs you.”

I replied. “No Mr. Wilson I need school. It keeps me sane when everything happens to be falling apart.” I turned and walked out of his room before he got the chance to talk. I went to the hospital after school and stayed until Saturday afternoon while my dad was in and out of surgery.

I went to church on Sunday and this may sound stupid but I felt the sermon was for me. Pastor Peter talked about illness and how you need to rely on god to help pull you threw. I realized I needed to go see Luke. I went to the hospital and sat down beside his bed and said, “Lukie, I am so sorry I haven’t been strong enough to see you. I have been praying for you and I know you can get threw this. Please Lukie for me, your family, and yourself, pull trough this. Please Lukie, I love you.” I kissed him on the cheek and was about to leave when his eyes fluttered and I called the nurse. They came in and told me I had to leave. I went to my dad’s room and told him what was going on. He is doing much better after surgery and is getting to go home soon. I walked back into Luke’s room and his parents were there and his mom said, “He woke up! Sam, I’m not sure what you said but it had to work. Thank you! They say that he will be fine after therapy and his brain is still working properly. He can’t talk though the doctors won’t let him try yet.” I sat down by Luke, held his hand, and squeezed. I looked into his baby blue eyes and knew god was there for me and Stephanie was right it was a feeling that everything is going to be ok. And you know what he squeezed back!!!

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